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Default Board games lounge opening in Brisbane

Interesting - theres a board game lounge opening up in Brisbane on March 1


Its at Stones Corner (not particularly close to me, unfortunately)

May not be of interest to us dedicated gamers, who are already in regular groups of friends, but it could get more people into the hobby. Game shops can be intimidating - this might allow someone to just rock up with some mates, grab a game and a coffee or beverage of their choice, and play for a few hours.

Might check it out just to see how it looks.
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Very cool, certainly has the right kind of games to be interesting. Not that close to me but when i'm in the area will definitely take a look.

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Opening this weekend!!

I had a quick look at the place yesterday with the owner (she was at LXG), could be a very cool place to play. And the owner is a very enthusiastic and lovely young woman - I hope she does well in this.
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Finally got out to the Go Lounge for some gaming - spent yesterday afternoon there, cost me $10 for the whole day (and that included a free drink!).

Its a great place, its cosy, but the tables are big enough to handle any game. Lots of games to choose from as well, all the old classics and the new ones too.

Looking forward to some more weekends over there.
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This sounds like an interesting business venture.

So it was just a lot of comfortable chairs and tables? Any couches and such?

And you were just charged to come in and hang out? or to rent a table for a while?
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Yup, there was a couch there for more relaxed gaming, but mostly tables/chairs

The original fb link seems to be gone, heres a proper one


Mon-Fri its $5 for all day, or $2/hr
Sat/Sun its $10 for all day, or $3/hr (with a free soft drink)

Not sure if you can come in just to hang out and have a coffee. It was pretty quiet when I first got there (2pm), just us and another table playing. Then it filled up later in the day.

You can also phone and reserve a place I believe.

I'm definitely going back, might become a regular weekend for me.
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