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Default What is your current favorite $20 game?

Would like to hear what your favorite budget game is.

We just played Saboteur. Players are dwarves digging a path to a hidden treasure. But one or more players are secretly trying to stop everyone from finding the gold, by breaking their tools, blocking their path or leading them in the wrong direction. Dwarves who find the gold all get a share of the loot. Saboteurs get rich by stopping them. It is a simple game to play (i taught my family in 2 minutes) but we had a great time and a lot of scope for variations.

For anyone who already owns the game, we play a Greedy Dwarf rule, where players get one less gold card for each broken tool they are caught with at the end of a round. Of the 3 treasure cards, we move the middle one one space further away. These rules help the saboteur players a lot, and much harder for the miners to win as it plays them off against each other.

I intended it to be a half hour filler, but the family kept wanting to play for hours.

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Loved Saboteur, really tough for the saboteurs tho (or maybe I just played badly....)

My favourite cheap games: Love Letter, Sushi Go, No Thanks

And recently, Dungeon Raiders, which might just be my new favourite cheap game (costs $23).

You lay out monster and treasure cards randomly - some face up, some face down (ie dark rooms...). Each player gets 5 power cards, from 1 to 5. If you're fighting a monster, you have to play enough power to beat it, or the player who played the lowest value takes the damage.

For treasure rooms, the highest value gets it. There are also trap rooms - which can either damage everyone, or particular people - (like whoever has the most health, or most money).

You can also get special cards, like a sword (which counts as a 5 for a monster), a key (counts as 5 for a treasure), crystal ball (you can see what other people have played before you play), and a torch (see the dark rooms coming up).

Very quick, but a lot of fun.
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That sounds good. I'll check it out.

The greedy dwarf rule is fairer because the miners beat up eacher and the saboteurs are not discovered so easily.
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