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Smile Critical Role RPG Show

(**Warning: The message contains my opinions that are on the verge of being a rant. I have strong opinions and rarely voice them strongly on any forum. I feel more at ease to do so here...I guess it is the age-thing! ♥heh♥)


This thread is about an ongoing streaming D&D adventure available on YouTube but originating on Geekandsundry.com. But first is the reason why I am posting this thread.

(personal backstory)
Long ago (about 35 years ago) I was younger and played a lot of D&D. Mostly 1st edition (I had the original white box and about 100 first edition miniatures) adventures but some originally created adventures (created by other people). I adventured about 70% of the time and DM-ed about 20% of the time...with the remaining 10% being asked to impersonate NPC characters in games.

I gave up playing D&D when it became more about buying books, following the rules to THE LETTER (as if it were THE LAW), dealing with Rule-Nazis, and DMs becoming more Ruthless Dictators/Captain Blighs than Player-Guides-Who-Give-Characters-70%-Chance-To-Survive.

I still enjoy watching the various PAX Live D&D videos...I even found a link to the original Podcasts when that group formed. I would suggest listening to all the podcasts from the start because I am sure you all can relate in one way or another....as the adventurers flesh out their characters over time. Here is the link for those podcasts & videos: The Incredible True Story of Acquisitions Incorporated https://www.youtube.com/playlist?lis...oUEEQRTbCXcODV

(/personal backstory)

This is to inform about the Critical Role RPG Show on Geek&Sundry website. These videos are now also available on YouTube but only 17 episodes are posted there. The show is still adding new episodes...totaling 29 so far. So I watch them on the Geek & Sundry site in HD.

Critical Role videos pick up after the party & DM have been already adventuring together 2 years. The characters and the players are comfortable with everyone's personality...fictional and real life. There is a lot of inside jokes that crack the group up but leave the Viewing Public in the dark. Sometimes the DM explains these but mostly he just skips over and moves on...leaving the rest of us in-the-dark.

Also the DM seems to be giving the player about a 90% survival chance with ad-lib encounters regardless how outrageous the characters act out. It seems these players' characters are like level 9 or so with the higher-than-normal stats + bonuses + traits + etc. The DM describes how each character's actions would be visualized including combat. Everyone displays great voice acting and great NPC interactions thrown in.

I really enjoy the DM's descriptions of the environment and acting out the NPCs. His adventures are well thought-out with great encounters. Being that they are ALL Voice Actors, the different character personalities work well with inventive voices added.

Here is the link to the first episodes Geek & Sundry (oldest at the bottom):http://geekandsundry.com/shows/critical-role/page/2/

Sorry about the wall of text...guess I am showing my inner-get-off-my-lawn! ♥heh♥

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I've seen these folks before in the video they posted of Vin Diesel playing with them as a promo for The Last Witch Hunter movie. I have enjoyed watching various group role playing, this group certainly does the best voices I have seen. No wonder I guess based on their professions.

I have been working on starting up an online game myself just trying to get myself organized enough to get it underway. It's been quite a while since I have played but am looking forward to running a game again soon.
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