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Default Old Oshur Event - Planetside

For anyone still playing Planetside currently (or if you ever played you might have 30 free days available if you log in), there is an even tomorrow that looks like it will be a lot of fun.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to go back in time? Maybe go back to 2003 with all your friends, and your favorite continent, “Old Oshur”. Well you’re in luck! Auraxian Scientists have stumbled upon a rare anomaly in the Galaxies which they believe will bring “Old Oshur” within reach of Auraxis for 6 hours on Saturday, July 7th PDT.
THE RETURN OF OLD OSHUR - Saturday, July 7th - PlanetSide Universe
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Hi Gruntingnap,

Was anyone able to attend the event to see what it was like?

I missed it since I pulled a Planetside all nighter which CptCrusader caught me on the tail end of it when he logged in from Oz.
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So much for me an Planetside. I will probably not be back in until Planetside 2 beta or release. I signed up for the event, page 6 post #84 logged in early and sat in sanc for over 2 hours and never got ported to Oshur. EVERYONE I know that signed up in my outfit got sent to Oshur and tons of people who signed up, posted after I did got it.

From what I have read/seen it was a massive cluster F. Devs let TR and NC in before VS. To compensate, devs spawned a lot of VS in bases which caused the TR and NC to bitch about cheating, favoritism etc. This caused the TR and NC to actually team up and focus on wiping all the VS out of the event before they focused on each other. Then the network/servers crashed so hard the event ended prematurely with no clear winner but most speculation is that it went to the TR.
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