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Default Scytones reddit post break down.

I went through Scytones reddit post and pulled out anything that seemed interesting and put them into rough groupings for easy drooling. This information has come from the fact that he attended the Planetside 2 Community Day (Lucky bastard!)

Overall Impressions
Important. Guys. I can officially say planetside 2 has lived up to my hype. Im at home and all i want to do is go back and play more. Its really well done. You are all gonna love it!
I am hooked. It feels like planetside. But significantly more polished
Its very very good. Hitboxes are great. Movement is clean. It really is great. I crashed once though. My friend twice.
I cant get any info on changing graphics. Here a few things i dislike.
Squad menus and platoon and outfit appear to all be in the escape menu. Maybe there is a hotkey but i didnt see it yet. Opening the map and im assuming squad and outfit via hotkeys like "m" arent closed again via M. They are closed via escape.
There is no way of knowing how many players can fit in a vehicle before you spawn it.
You cant get in a specific gun or spot in a vehicle before you get in. You must get in and then swap your spot from there.
Hitting the q key displays the names Of nearby enemys on your screen. This way you can easily see what bad guys are in front of you. It also alerts squad mates of your position. This is the biggest "eh" for me. But its not HUGE.
i dont enjoy playing cod. It feels way to fast paced and hectic. Planetside 2 has the look and feel of the weapons an firing. But the actual combat doesnt feel that way. Capping a base was cool. I had a moment where a few of us were inside capping a point in the base and we were watching the door. The hack was done in about 15 seconds and then vanu flooded in. We couldnt leave because they would cap it. But it was very remeniscant of planetside 1 corridor fighting. Something cod didnt have
One thing i want to say. Flying is fairly difficult. It has a LOT of potential to allow for some crazy maneuvering. Good pilots and bad pilots will most definitely make a big difference. I flew galaxys in ps1 and the first attempt here i flew it completely sideways through a canyon, clipped my left wing, and spiraled into the ground.
You most definitely need to use both keyboard and mouse to fly effectivly. Its not like ps1 where i can get away with wasd and holding the fly up key. The mouse seems to control the tilt of the galaxy i flew.
Up and down tilted Up and down left and right did a roll tilt. You can roll completely inverted.
Wasd controls what seemed like turning. The yaw.
So mouse was pitch and roll. Wasd was yaw and accelleration. It was very flexible. Like i said. It was difficult haha. But if you are good at it, people will definitely be able to notice
I didnt play bf3. But flying is fun. Galaxys are a million times harder to fly than a mosquito. The size definitely affects it.
I didnt see any special heavy weapons. We all seemed to have machine guns and sub machine guns. But i only played Tr. However their was definitely vanu energy shots flying around. What they were from im not sure. This next play through ill get more info.
no heavy weapons in yet. The heavy assault class currently has a bigger machine gun than light assault. But its no chaingun
Feels a lot like call of duty. But mixed with planetside. It just feels right. I cant really explain it. It is very fluid. But not frustrating when you die. I feel like when i died i deserved it. However it was a bit difficult to tell when i was gettin. Shot and from where
It would be nice to see where i got shot from after i died at the least. Currently i just fall over in first person. It was kinda of awkward because it was very sudden. No real ui difference from fill health to 1% health
TTK (Time to Kill)
You can die pretty quickly. But you have a rechargable shield so if you survive the fight you can stay alive longer because of it. It also makes sprinting across courtyards less of a russian roulette that ps1
You can definitely survive a decent amount of time if your getting shot in the body. The cone of fire makes pure headshots hard. But up close you can die fast.
I fear the idea of a shotgun

Infiltrator is really ****ing cool. The stealth is great. You have no way of knowing HOW visible you are. The faster you move the more others see you. Stealth can be used for maybe 15 seconds. Regens about the same speed. After its turned off.
The sniper is strong. To easy to use close range imo

Maxes are viscious. But they didnt seem to hard to kill. Im not sure. A single well places grenade and some smg fire seemed to **** one up
They hurt like a mofo though
nothing like tf2 except the animation. Medic is as survivable as the light assault i found. In fact if i dont want to jetpack i might as well go medic. Light assault needs something more.

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