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Old 15th July 2012, 02:32 AM   #1 (permalink)
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Default Vanu for casual players?

i'm thinking a bit...

no bullet drop on vanu energy weapons.... that's pretty good for people who only play fps games casually...

easier and more forgiving flight mechanism for their fliers as well...

wouldn't we benefit more from going vanu, so our less hyped brothers and sisters in tog can get it easier to just jump in and play with us?
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TOG apparently used to be NC, and faction loyalty in this game is so extreme that I dont think they would be willing to change at all. I myself have never played the original Planetside, and from what I have seen I am very keen on the Vanu.

For me its not the easy mode aspect of it. Rather its the fact that I can right now log into a dozen different shooters that use conventional weapons, but that I barely own any with the more futuristic stuff. I cant even think of how many other FPS out there other than BF2142 have used hovertanks for example. I suspect that I wont be able to use this sort of gear in a good FPS for a while, so this is my chance to just have a good time with it.

On the other hand the vast majority of TOG players that are interested in PS2 so far will definitely be playing NC. The temptation is there to just go NC as well. Consolidating all of TOG into one faction on one server would at least mean that we would have a presence in the game for years to come. We will have to see what sort of interest there is in the game before we seriously discuss splitting up TOG into multiple factions.

In regards to skill level, I think the game will be have about the same learning curve regardless of the side. From looking at the videos so far I dont even think that the bullet drop is that bad at all. Yes NC vehicles seem to handle like bricks, but at least its hard to screw up moving slowly in a tracked tank. The VS Scythe does look easy to operate, but to make up for it I think that the Magrider will be an much more difficult tank to use effectively.

For now I say lets just wait and see. If the game is good then hype will start to build, and by the time open beta hits we will have a much better idea of how many players we might be looking at.
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I see no reason why we can't play them all. Whatever server I get the lowest ping on I will be NC but I will also have TR and VS characters on other servers.

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There's some discussion on this precise point between the Admins. PS is a numbers game. Having 100 TOG on one faction is amazing. We want to concentrate TOG's power.

The original outfit is NC. The new outfit will be definitely NC. People are free to play what they like, but the official outfit will be NC.

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I think I replied to an earlier thread on this very discussion. The other important factor may be our alliances. We had and probably will have alliances with other guilds within this game as we did in PS1. I'm assuming our old alliances may be coming back into NC.

After coming back into PS1. And running around in my blocky BFR. I might be up for change into something a little sleeker. As always I will go where the majority of TOGers decide to go.
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Knowing what I know about faction loyalty, and I will go out on a limb and say that our allies will be back on NC in the new release.

I, for one, will play as nc or vs but would never, ever, in a million years, play as tr.

My $0.02
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