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Duckforceone 15th July 2012 08:26 AM

yay higby answered a question from me live... :D
i wanted to know if we could set up AA vehicles...

and he said : you can change out your secondary weapons on your vehicles, so your support gunner can be nasty against aircrafts...

also, how deep they are going into command abilities...

and he said : there's going to be alot... squad spawn points, marking targets so people get more xp and the likes....

also they are working on making the ui more customizable...

you should be able to see the recording here :

i think it starts around 01:11:00

Shrubbo 15th July 2012 10:25 AM

Things that caught my eye in that video...

1:13:40 On the left hand side there is a cloaked unit there, odd shape. It is not a shape I associate with what I have seen of infiltrators.
1:13:56 and 1:14 25 It is going to be undesirable to be under a liberator. Not as deadly as it looks but undesirable. Camera shake and smoke will make things difficult.
1:14:35 What the hell is that black cloud coming!
1:17:34 lol beyond thunderdome!! :D

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