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Mostly Harmless - Post: 84
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Default Hi TOG - Potential Outfit Member here...

Hello TOG'gers,

Apologies if this is in the wrong place or something but I didn't see anywhere else that was relevant.

I'm been playing PS2 a couple of months prior to launch but had a bit of a disagreement with SOE on the day of release that prompted me to play elsewhere for a while. Fences have been mended and I've been playing PS2 on Briggs (NC of course) for a little while and I'm overjoyed that theres no lack of targets.

My biggest gripe, unfortunately, is that most people that play this game seem to be brain-dead zerglings. I've sampled a few different outfits and still find myself quite disappointed with both the motivation for people's play and lack of tactical and strategic sense.

Prior to Briggs, I've played pretty much exclusively with the 666th Devil Dogs who rocked the squad play very very nicely. They were quite coordinated (consisting of a number of active and previously serving military types) and the benefits of this level of coordination were quite ...apparent (in addition to being a hell of a lot of fun! )

I've seen TOG around the place but noted your presence last night at the Crown which seemed to turn the tide (although I'd be lying if I wasn't enjoying the harvesting of sweet, sweet experience from pubbies who were continually feeding the enemy kills).

So, cutting to the chase -
-Do you enjoy the same level of play as I, and
-If you do, do you think I could perhaps tag along with you and get a taste of the 'TOG' experience?

I'm not currenly a member of TOG (although I have thought about it previously) and I have to admit I'm a little hesitant to jump in and 'put a ring on it', so to speak.
I understand OPSEC and all of that but even just to roll with a solitary squad to get a feel for how you roll as a unit would be cool.


Armitage (a.k.a Wintermute on Briggs)

P.S I'm posting from an android tablet and can't seem to get rid of this god-damn green smiley so I'm just going to leave it down here.
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Lethal - Post: 7076
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TOG is a community of Gamers that cover MANY different games from lots of different genres.

The Planetside 2 Division is very active, we ask our members to play the game how they want to play, to get the most out of it for themselves, most of us are here for fun.

We try to cater for all playstyles, We are not regimented, but on the Briggs server there is a certain amount of organised gameplay. In order to experience it you need to become a member and Join us

I'm sure you can find what your looking for here, and if you can't you could always start your own runs and see how it pans out by making a post with your intentions in the PS2 forums and see what type of intrest you gather.

Also being a TOG member does not mean that you have to exclusivley play with TOG either

If for some reason you don't think it suits your style, there are plenty of other Games that TOG Covers.

If you've often thought about Joining TOG, then you should post up an application to Join in the Barracks and come and sign up and say hello in the Planetside 2 Division once your membership has been approved

We look forward to seeing you soon

(Feel free to tag along with the TOG Zerg anytime you see us, although in order to join the TOG Squads you usually have to be an outfit member to find them)

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Mostly Harmless - Post: 84
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Thanks Buff,

Kept seeing you guys around last night. Think I may have even killed one of you with friendly fire. Lucky I largely roll as medic, huh. Ah, good times.

Fair enough, I suppose I'll give you a go? Posted up in le Barracks.

Cheers, look forward to play with you all.
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King Julien
DC Planetside 2
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Killed one of us? Already fitting in quite well

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