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Kaiser74 21st December 2012 01:21 PM

TOG member looking for action!
Hello TOGgers.
I've been dipping into PS2 for a few weeks and would like to start joining in with more organised teamwork...I've noticed a few fellow TOG members running around but I'm not sure how to join the 'Outfit' ingame?

What is the best way to get involved and join in with fellow TOG members?

NibblyWombat (aka Kaiser74)

Shrubbo 21st December 2012 09:11 PM

The best way would be to join the PS2 division bud.

Go to Recruits enroll here and then read PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE POSTING HERE.

You can also visit our main forum Planetside 2 - New Conglomerate [TOG NC] and find all the other info you need as well as join into our little house in TOG :)

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