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Yeah I think Mattherson is the main East coast server. Helios does get a pretty good population going in US peak hours but is dead in AUS peak hours.

Would be good if we had some kind of register going so people looking at alts know which servers everyone else is on. I really don't want to have my alts on the same server (Briggs) though.

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I have a VS alt on Briggs (and I had a TR one before that but I have a Connery toon as well so it was deleted) . VS is rank <10 and TR was much the same but they are just to try out the different factions weapons.

P.S. I think the Orion is better than the Carv and as to the Mag wow, just wow.....
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Originally Posted by Kaimahi View Post
P.S. I think the Orion is better than the Carv and as to the Mag wow, just wow.....
Agreed. The strafing ability of the Magrider is ridiculous. Two saving graces about facing one of these is the lack of turret and unpredictable when trying to repair. I can forsee being rather vulnerable among a nest of infantry where you may expose your rear having to shoot by rotating the whole tank.. I tried to repair a teammate out in the field which isn't that difficult with the Vanguard - but the strafing usually results in the Magrider mowing you down due to its unpredictability.
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