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LazarusProject 18th January 2013 08:34 AM

Playing other factions
I have been playing a little TR (man I won't even have to worry too much about spending SC, the default stuff is so good).

I have some friends that picked up planetside 2 over the xmas break (before I had a chance to say NC is where it's at) and spent SC. sigh. So I don't want to main there, and they don't want to main on NC.

Anyone had any issues swapping factions and shooting friendlies? My brain seems to have been trained to shoot the TR and not to shoot NC. Barnies are fine though!

Also (a little guilty here) I saw a TOGger assaulting the crown (VS owned) and chose not to shoot him. A little naughty I guess, as if I am playing TR I should treat all foes as equal. Anyone else have these little moments?

I am thinking of throwing up a mossie and trying to hunt down Riflebait. I am sure he will shoot me down no worries, but it might be fun to test my skills against someone I usually fly with :D

Purg 18th January 2013 10:39 AM

I tried to ethically do it and rolled a character on a different server (to defeat your enemy you must know your enemy). I know that doesn't help you in this instance.. but not being a big MMO guy, this is probably the first time that I haven't played any adversarial FPS against TOG. I have no problems shooting another TOG in the face, it's what I've always done up until this point.

If your TR character isn't something like LazarusProjekt, shoot first, take names later. I wouldn't want someone on the other team going soft on me - because I'll be bringing all I've got to take them out.

LazarusProject 18th January 2013 11:55 AM

Nope :) I can post it here if you'd like, though I hope to avoid TOG in general if I can. A friend was with me and was a little disgusted when I said 'Oh it's a togger' and shot someone else instead. If it was one on one rather than sniping random noobs trying to run up a well defended crown I would have brought my A game.

And I already have had the fun of shooting toggers in PS just not on purpose (though I thought about give Munter a bit of lead loving after he shot me while I was repairing a turret. He was not on TS so I never found out what that was about).

For me it's only about playing an online game with friends. Of course I also want to play with my new TOG friends too, so it's a tough decision. I don't often end up playing the same games as them (City of Heroes for so long).

So far, maybe it's grass is greener, but the TR stuff seems pretty awesome. It could use upgrades, but the Prowler is so easy to use. The guns are real good, though I miss our default bolt driver. And that chaingun on the MAX - nice! Then again, our shotties - if you hit it's red rover, but having range is great. I just have to remember to take the 2nd shot with everything.

Purg 18th January 2013 12:54 PM

I love their Mercys on the MAX. On the official forums though, TR and VS are crying like babies about the NC MAX - even when video proof showed them at 10m+, the TR and VS actually deals more damage than the NC.

Unfortunately I have two NC - one on Briggs and one on Connery otherwise I'd have one of each on different servers for those times I want to fart arse about during weekdays when the TOG population is low. Having Alpha is an advantage because it carries across to any character you create and unlocks some guns right off the bat for you.

Probably a good chunk of us have been shooting at each other for years so I wouldn't let it worry you if you shoot a few of us when you're TR. I only bother taking notice of who I kill, not who I shoot at - that list is far too big for me to keep track of. :D My K/D is approaching 10 but my K/D+A would be double that!! :(

LazarusProject 18th January 2013 01:57 PM

10? nice. I think mine might be aproaching 1.5-1 or even 2-1. I do have a habit of mindlessly respawning if we are pushing something - even if I only get my grenade off every other time, or it takes be 4 attempts to get out of the spawn room, I will try it. I might suggest we move on, but I will keep fighting.

If I didn't have my Connery guy, I would roll VS somewhere for off duty fun. I still miss the day of my flying MAX.

Zeigfried 21st January 2013 12:16 AM

I'm a bit of an Altaholic, so I have made both a TR and VS on Briggs. I generally drive their Faction specific tanks around, learn their weapons and a side bonus of seeing our weapons from their perspective. I have notice a few TOG names while on the other faction, proud to be killed by them or sad that I have killed an amigo. For Example I was knifing some NC around a sunderer and it was Oinky that took me down :)

Usually I will be playing these characters really late at night when not many of us are on.

LazarusProject 22nd January 2013 06:23 AM

So... looking at the mossie ... it's about as quick (uncerted) as a fully certed reaver. Does that mean we have the extra armour equivalent of fully certed flak(25%)? Or is it like the MAX small arms armour fully certed =5%? Does anyone know how fast scythes go?

Prowlers - boy they are fast! And easy to steer. and we get... 10% front armour? hmmm.

nietzsche 22nd January 2013 10:30 AM

I deleted my NC on Connery on the weekend. My 1 NC on Briggs is enough.

Interestingly some of the best gaming I've had recently is at Saturday and Sunday mornings on my TR character who is on Helios. So that's getting the full peak time for a US West server. Killing NC as a TR heavy is extremely easy, but Vanu can be a pain in the *&^

My characters:

Faction: TR
Name: ThePwnOwner, Level 14 or so...
Server: Helios
Outfit: EXE (highly recommend these guys, friendly, always very active and easy to join)

Faction: VS
Name: LycraHotty, Level 3
Server: Connery

Purg 22nd January 2013 12:35 PM


Originally Posted by nietzsche (Post 3757350)
Interestingly some of the best gaming I've had recently is at Saturday and Sunday mornings on my TR character who is on Helios. So that's getting the full peak time for a US West server.

That's what I'm looking for - hopefully there will be some servers merging forcing higher populations on the remaining servers. Don't want to kill my Connery dude since he's got about $50 spent on him! Wanting a day time character that runs peak time on a US server that's busy with large fights.

Would be nice to have 1 of each faction but still want to keep my NC Connery. I have a BR14 TR that I'll probably sacrifice to roll on a server that has some very good large battles. I've heard that there's a lot of good fights on Mattherson - but it's on the East Coast.. :(

LazarusProject 23rd January 2013 09:51 AM

Faction: TR
Server: Briggs
Name: Archmagus
BR: 6

Just in case you are on and see me around! I plan playing a bit next week, in the (early) mornings, and maybe the weekend, depending on when my friends play next. I (almost) regret rolling another NC on Connery as I'd like to try out the VS (my old faction). But I'd rather keep my TOGger there, even if I have yet to get past BR 1 or get him into the outfit!

Maybe I will create a second account for the VS. Perhaps I will remember which of my station accounts was my PS1 account and see if it has any goodies attached. Or can I roll any benefits into my main account? I think I ended up with 3 or 4 over time.

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