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yclui 20th February 2013 04:53 AM

Hello Tog, i would like to run with you guys.
Hey, i am Tovarich Cookie, and i frequently haunt Briggs at strange times of the night. While i am currently a member of the AEF, this disallowing me from joining TOG, i do spend a large amount of time rolling along with your outfit all over Auraxis and i have a blast doing so.

Whenever i am lucky enough to get invited to the squad though, most of you are on your Teamspeak server. If at all possible, may i have access to it, so that i can more effectively play with you guys whenever i am on? Thank you.

Shrubbo 20th February 2013 05:12 AM

Sorry mate, you must be a member to get on TS however there is nothing wrong at all about being a member of AEF and joining TOG as well (TOG is more the just a PS2 outfit, we are a very large community spanning many games). You wouldn't be able to see the outfits automatically like TOG outfit members but you would be able to join TS.

yclui 20th February 2013 05:51 PM

I understand. I was hoping i will be allowed on under the "friends by invite" policy that you seem to have, but i guess i will need to make myself better known.

Also, i know about the TOG wider community, and i have had the chance to play with you guys over many games the past few years. Hope you guys do well!

Genghoidal 20th February 2013 06:08 PM

Mate, I'll send you a PM. I play with TOG and often also with another mate who is not in TOG yet and I could add you as a friend and invite you in for some squadding with us sometimes. Chat over in game voip is fine by me so no need for the TOG ts.

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