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Harmless - Post: 2

Default Planetside 2 TS Command HQ

Hi All, Grimleyblack from Inglourious Basterds.

I have been in league with a few other large NC outfits in regards to shifting command channel talk to a designated TS server for all NC Command Comms, For more comprehensive inter-outfit cooperation and communications.

I am looking to gather the leaders / superior officers of these outfits to have a conference of sorts to discuss the lack of cooperation between our outfits and how we can resolved this, One of the suggestions I will be pushing for is the afor mentioned designated command HQ TS server.

If this Outfit colabouration is something that TOG would be interested in please shoot an email to Grimleyblack@gmail.com.


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King Julien
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HiyaGrimleyblack, I have thrown this post up for discussion in our private forums. See if I can fine a "leaders / superior officers" to get on this boat

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