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Default New to TOG

Hey guys,

I'm fairly new to TOG, but I play planetside 2, on briggs as NC. I'm looking to join up with you if you'll have me. I'm not very high up in the rankings cause I haven't been able to play much since Closed Beta due to pc and ping issues which I've finally gotten sorted.

I'm decent at Heavy Infantry and used to be really good at piloting both the combat aircraft (though I need to get in and get some refresher air time)

Primarily I'd be interested in joining up and flying with other pilots, my Liberator is currently equiped for Aerial Superiority but I have the unlocks to re-equip for close air support roles.
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Gday and welcome. I see you are a Full member so head over to the PS2 division forum at http://www.theoldergamers.com/forum/...merate-tog-nc/

There's a new recruits subforum at the top of the division forum where you can sign on. Check out the stickies fro new recruit info such as access to the private teamspeak etc.

The TOG div is NC only so that works out well.

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King Julien
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Thanks muchly SJ and welcome Trigger. When you get to have a look at our private forums as SJ suggested you will find a bunch of sticky threads at the top that will help you out as well mate

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