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Harmless - Post: 2

Exclamation UNCO Event: Operation Overlord Saturday 11/05 @ 1930 hrs AEST

Hi all,

Grimleyblack here just letting you know the next UNCO joint operation will be occurring on the 11/05 @ 1930 hrs AEST.

For those of you who enjoy history you will know Operation Overlord as the operation that basically won WWII or as its more commonly know as D Day, this operation will consist of large forces of infantry being dropped from Galaxies (the graceful whales of the sky) onto various targets. for this operation to be successful we will require some good Gal pilots to fly us poor grunts around and pick us up when were done (YES! that's right folks I wanna reuse them). Our objectives will be no easy feat to pull off and it will require full cooperation from all members involved which is why I hope most if not all member outfits will be in attendance. I hope to see you all there on the night.

All major facilities across Indar.
* Bio Labs
* Tech Plants
* Amp Stations


*If you have any questions regarding the event or anything else, please feel free to message me in-game or via my email address Grimleyblack@gmail.com.
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King Julien
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FYI bud, posted this up in our private forums, should see you there

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