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Atrayo 18th January 2010 04:42 PM

Dissent In The House of Electronic Arts
Hi All,

Reading an article dated Jan. 14th over at "Industry Gamers" there's a former executive of EA Mr. Mitch Lasky now a partner at investment firm Benchmark Capital. Is crying foul regarding the overall strategy that EA CEO John Riccitiello is steering Electronic Arts into market wise.

Article Link.


He concluded, "It's equally amazing that the board continues to support the existing management team through this debacle. Since JR took over, the company has destroyed over $11 billion in market value. ... It's remarkably hard to kill a company doing $4 billion in revenues. But with flat or down stock performance since Q3 2003, how long are the institutional investors going to continue to hope against hope for a turn-around?"
A interesting read to say the least.

Will the forthcoming AAA game title of "Bad Company 2" turn things around for EA? Much like Activision recently making $1 Billion US in sales from Modern Warfare 2.

Time will tell.

Bovive 21st January 2010 01:52 PM

I'm sure Bad Company 2 will do well, but not that well.

Ned 23rd January 2010 06:16 PM

Just because a company has a loss with a new CEO doesn't mean the CEO is a bad one... that said company may well have lost a great deal more without that particular CEO.

Long term strategies and who will best steer them need to also be considered.

Atrayo 24th January 2010 04:50 PM

Hi There,

Reading a bit more into "Mr. Mitch Lasky"of Benchmark Capital it seems he was in line for CEO selection of EA. But, Mr. John Riccitiello beat him to the post when EA hired / promoted him. So Mr. Lasky may have an axe to grind or is merely venting to get some PR for himself. (who knows?)

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