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Atrayo 31st May 2010 08:53 AM

XBox Project Natal $149 US A Pop
Hi Guys,

Since this topic has been discussed in the past on the TOG Podcast. The "Christian Science Monitor" has an article from May 26th regarding Project Natal, which will debut under another name this coming October 2010.


Let's start with the first rumor. It comes from the team at Edge, which has a solid record when it comes to tech gossip. Edge says that Microsoft has definitely settled on the $149 price tag, but also says that Microsoft will offer an Xbox 360 bundled with Project Natal – or whatever it's called – for 300 bucks. (Keep in mind that Sony has said its Move system will cost less than $100.) ---CS Monitor
So besides the pricey cost for this motion sensor slash microphone peripheral from Microsoft for the XBox 360. (cheesy price point during our economic times) By the Microsoft tradition "Project Natal" is going to be called something else. Much like Windows Vista when it was in development was called "Longhorn".

Ned 2nd June 2010 01:39 PM

Thanks for this. I'm interested in what Sony do with their move system and the PS3.

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