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Thumbs up MIT Potentially Could Help Gamers

Hi Guys,

Yesterday over at GamePolitics.com they reported on a story about MIT developing a virtual glove set up. That is way cheaper than the prospected cost of Microsofts "Project Natal" at around $200 US.

While Microsoft’s Project Natal Xbox 360 add-on has been rumored to have a price tag of around $200, MIT researchers have created a gesture-based computer interface that requires only a cheap pair of colored Lycra gloves (in addition to a webcam).

Billed as low-latency, Grad student Robert Wang, from MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory sees the most “obvious application” for the invention as videogames.

The article includes a short 55 second video clip on what the glove looks like and a software application for the glove & webcam.
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Plus, if you happen to already possess a Technicolor Dreamcoat, the gloves might serve as a fashionable accessory.

While this and Project Natal are impressive I feel that for PC gamers there won't be much of a use for this kind of tech. The Wii style of gamer will embrace this tech.
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Thanks Atrayo - very interesting!
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