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Atrayo 7th June 2010 03:26 PM

Exoskeleton Game Controller @ E3
Hi Guys,

I guess the future is now with an exoskeleton game controller being offered by a company called "Forcetek".


Forcetek USA, a new player in the game interface market, wants to bring virtual reality back to its roots, by developing a range of devices that will cover your entire body and sense your every movement.

Yes, that's right. Forcetek wants to bring a full-body exoskeleton suit into your home.

The device, which Forcetek is calling the XIO (prounounced "zee-oh"), uses technology originally developed for sports training and physical rehabilitation purposes to not only sense the body's movement, but provide physical feedback, something that none of the dedicated game consoles can claim.
Article Link dated June 4th.

The company will be showcasing the XIO arm attachment at E3 this coming June 15th, with an off the shelf PC game title. The company the article states originally wanted to go the healthcare industry route. But market penetration as the article states from the company exec's is very difficult with years of red tape.

Of interest this isn't a cheesy generic game controller company. But intended for sports training and physical therapy but repurposed for the games industry.


Further expansions, according to a press statement, include "shoulder, back and lower body attachments to add to the virtual experience," as well as "an optional onboard computer and XIO headgear" that will "allow the system to become totally self-contained on the user for inside or outside multiple player use." However, these aren't ready to be seen yet.
I wonder how the fighter genre of games be it "Street Fighter" franchise will embrace such a technology?

Ned 8th June 2010 04:53 PM

Some interesting times ahead!


Originally Posted by Atrayo (Post 2808036)
The company the article states originally wanted to go the healthcare industry route.

That's the first thing I thought of. Comfort will be the biggest issue with this in my opinion.

Drac 14th June 2010 05:10 PM

I think pick up and play will always beat "get strapped in to.."

Stuff like this may have worked during the video arcade era, but not today. It will have limited use at shows and the like, but that's about it.

What we really need is Caprica/Matrix like "in your head" VR.

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