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Atrayo 16th October 2010 02:40 PM

Gamers Spent Up To $2.9B On Digital Goods
Hi Guys,

Today I saw an interesting short article from Venture Beat which also covers as a segment the "Games Industry". They quoted a recent report from NPD that gamers here in the States in the first half of this year. Spent anywhere from $2.6 up to $2.9 Billion in US dollars.

Article Link.


While sales of video games in physical stores is declining, the amount spent online on digital goods for games is skyrocketing.

Gamers still spent $3.7 billion on console and PC games purchased in physical stores in the first half of 2010.

The digital goods figure includes revenue from used games (which are often bought online, but can also be bought in stores), game rentals, subscriptions, full game digital downloads, social network games, downloadable content, and mobile game apps. In other words, NPD is including its best estimates on the full bucket of the game industry, including its fast growing parts such as Facebook and iPhone games.
Turbine Entertainment, the game developer that recently re-launched "Lord of The Rings Online" into a F2P business model. Stated that their revenue has jumped significantly besides achieving records with new online concurrent users. (besides attracting a swath of former canceled subscribers)

I myself have been plunking down dollars over at SOE's Station Cash. Since as of late i've been playing the F2P Everquest 2, The Agency Facebook game, and F2P The Clone Wars.

Ned 23rd October 2010 11:19 AM

Steam has ended up with a good chunk of my money :)

The main reason I but digital is the simple fact I don't have to keep using a CD/DVD to play. The no-CD/DVD solutions can't always be "trusted".

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