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R.I.P. Agatha
01/01/1971 - 06/07/05
Posted by Disdiff at the time of passing (Please Note: Date of Birth approximate):

Gratzina, Lvl 60 Priest, died of a massive heart attack on July 6th week.

I was informed of this in game by her best friend who had logged on as her character to take care of a few last things. I verified that this was true via asking some questions about Gratzina, that only a friend of Gratzina's would know, and concluded that this was sadly correct. Gratzina logged out for the last time tonight.

Gratzina's real name was Suzanne Anderson, and she lived in Seattle where she was an electrical engineer. I lvld with Gratz from the mid-20's through to 60, and really enjoyed playing with her. She always had a keen sense of humor, and was ready to take on anything. I already miss playing with her.

Suzanne was 34 years old, and is survived by her parents.

update 7/17/05 I have an email contact address where I will be sending some of the comments posted here to her parents, just to let them know that she was well liked in ToG, and will be missed. Its not much, but its something, I also added a photo of Suzanne, and her character Gratzina and I doing some typical adventuring..

R.I.P. Blurtus
02/02/1967 - 2/05/2013
TOG has lost a 9 year member and the LOTRO division has lost a friend. Ward Allers, known as Blurtus in the forums and mainly by the names Girn and Gristle in LOTRO, had been battling cancer for several years. He was on the mend and optimistic about the future, but just three days after his 46th birthday he passed away.

Everyone who knew Girn was shocked . Regarded by all as a gentle soul, a helpful, shy, pleasant and generous gaming mate and all around decent person, his absence will be felt in his kinship, The Osgiliath Guard, for a long time. He'd just recently been promoted to an officer and given the job of managing the kinship's "special events", primarily in-game social interactions involving games and contests between the members.

In his honor the kinship held a memorial / wake that attracted a lot of TOG members and even LOTRO players from other organizations who knew him, cared for him, and were saddened by his passing. As an example of this wonderful man's character, Ward would have been both embarrassed and profoundly moved by the tribute.

Rest in peace, our friend. You will not be forgotten.

R.I.P. Carm
07/08/1968 - 7th November 2013

03/01/1961 - 18/01/2007
“Bad luck dude! No ones coming in here! They're all over at my "sex'n'beer" post!!!!!”

John Demon_Keeler Fletcher joined TOG in February 2004. He was perhaps the most loved person in TOG. Brash, funny, generous, friendly and supportive. He organised many BBQs, drinks nights, TOG Tee Shirts and he was there to offer his help or simply an ear to listen. His friendliness extended to new comers and, of all the people at TOG, he was the person most likely to wander into a division he had nothing to do with and make himself at home. In doing so he created bridges between game genres helping make TOG a community.
He loved his wife and two girls a great deal, and if you were to ask after them, you’d be updated with the entire goings on at the Fletcher household as if you were family.
Demon played many FPS games from Battlefield franchise, to CounterStrike:source and was even caught playing the Sims. In each of his games he would join the voice comms with his signature song lines:
“I wanna touch you all over, to the night closes in” which was greeted time and time again with laughter and groans. Then he’d launch into what his girls did that day.

The day Demon left us was the first of many sad days as the news rippled through TOG and other gaming communities bringing forth tribute matches, movies, forum signatures and donations for his family.

A printer by trade, a father by heart, a friend and larrikin with a smile and a joke and a gamer with a passion, Demon left us way too soon.

D_K version: He was a good friend to all he met, loved by all who met him, and missed by all who knew him.

R.I.P. FredNerk
02/02/1974 - 09/09/10
Lachlan (Lachie) or 'Fred Nerk' as many came to know him, passed away on Thursday 09/09/10.

He was a much loved friend to many, both inside and outside the game, and our thoughts are with his family and close friends in this very difficult time.

Lachlan (Fred) played a role earlier on in TOG as mining director, and was an avid forum watcher (although he had spent some time away from the game as of late).

He inspired many of us to download the Eve trial and subsequently taught us how to live sustainable and enjoyably in the Eve universe - from the ground up.

He was a talented cricketer, an intellectual, a gentleman and a mate.

R.I.P. GhostDog
04/07/1970 - 27-6-2013
Ghostdog – Mike Glover (4-7-1970/ – 27-6-2013)
Mike was a week off turning 43 and I know a part of Mike would laugh at the irony of dying at 42 - the answer to life, the universe and everything.

To TOG, Mike was a very early member and became a pivotal part of TOG as he set up and established the World of Warcraft Division. Mike went on to become an influential, well balanced and fair administrator and had an impact in every game he played and every division he became a part of. Mike touched the lives of many, many people here at TOG and if you were ever lucky enough to raid (world of warcraft) with him, his gentleness, his sense of humour and his detailed strategy drawings are the three things that he might be best remembered for. Mike was the epitome of a true English Gentleman.

Mike was born, raised and educated in England before moving to the U.S. for work. It was there that he met his beautiful Australian wife Kylie and on NYE in New York in the Snow they got engaged. By October 2001, Kylie and Mike were married in England and then repeated the ceremony a month later in Australia. In June 2002 they had their first child. Mike and Kylie had four children in the next 8 years.

Mike was an active, involved and committed Dad who organised his working life around his family time. Mike worked from home for most of his time in Australia. In the last few years Mike and Kylie had started a business and used to work together as well. At the start of June 2013, Mike, Kylie, kids and family friends set off on an epic journey. They set off to see central Australia and Darwin/Kakadu and more. The journey was planned to take 4 (ish) months with no deadlines. The plan was to work a little on the way when they could, but as always family first. On 27th June at some falls in Kakadu, with inky black water, Mike died in a drowning accident. Mike was loving, gentle and firm when he needed to be, and always present was his quirky, dry sense of humour. He was a beautiful person and he will be sorely missed in every aspect of his life.

R.I.P. Gorne
25/05/1969 - 25/05/1969 – 19/03/2014
Gorne (John) past away this morning following complications with an operation.

I am not really sure what to say apart from that he was my best mate and will be sorely missed.

He always spoke highly of his TOG family and I will be forever grateful for him introduction me to it. I think he would appreciate this message to let his TOG friends know what has happened.

My Wife and I send our deepest condolences to John’s family in this time of grief.

R.I.P. KoGar
21/10/1963 - May, 7 2011
Written by Zal.
Dan Weller (AKA-KoGar, Korum, Bluekor, Kbar, and several other names in TOG) passed away on Saturday May, 7 2011 at the age of 47 after a difficult battle with cancer.

KoGar has been a member of TOG since January 2005. His RL brother (ChiliConCarnage) joined TOG as well in May 2005.

When KoGar first joined he was playing World of Warcraft on the Proudmoore server where he continued to play for about a year.

My husband (Swifthawk) and I had the pleasure of first meeting KoGar in Dungeons and Dragons Online in early 2006 and that was the start of our enduring friendship with him.

Over the years the three of us played many games together; EverQuest II, Vanguard, and Pirates of the Burning Seas among them. Swift and Kogar also played Warhammer and Fallen Earth together.

KoGar was one of the first friends we made in TOG and he was one of the few that we stayed in touch with throughout the years even when we weren't playing games together. He was one of the most honorable, charismatic people I have ever met and he was well liked by all who knew him.

KoGar was a man that would happily go out of his way to help someone. He was kind, witty, sarcastic, and had an incredible sense of humor. His deep radio voice and hilarious accents made games and time spent in Ventrilo much more enjoyable than they otherwise would have been.

When Chili got the news that his brother's cancer had progressed to the point that the doctor's could do no more for him, he flew to Maryland and helped KoGar pack up his belongings. The two of them then took a train back to Chili's home in Texas where KoGar lived out the remainder of his days. Chili ensured that he was well taken care of and he was at his side in his final moments.

My thoughts and prayers remain with Chili and the rest of his family. The world is a sadder place without Dan in it.

R.I.P. maybehere
06/06/1979 - June 6th 1979 - March 28th 2015
Maybehere, Laura Mae Huett was a unique person, a mix of brains, beauty and geekiness that you just don't find in people these days. Her life was filled with gaming, family and in the later part of her years, dealing with her End Stage Renal Disease. She was a fighter, never wanting to show what pain she was in, she would always want to contribute to our marriage. She felt bad when she was too sick to do anything, with me always reassuring that she was not "worthless", as she put it, but she inspired me to get up in the morning, go to work and provide for her.

Our family was a fur-kid family, with her 4 Chihuahuas as her babies. She would take such good care of them and they wanted for nothing. She was also a foster mother, in her early years before we got together and she was very giving and generous.

Aside from gaming where she loved Diablo, Halo and Gears of War, her other love was Wicca. She was a very spiritual, attending many witches covens, drum circles and she even was a full fledged MUFON field investigator. It was never a dull moment around her. She was skilled in crystallology, candle magic, Wican spell casting and had wealth of knowledge of the paranormal.

The world is far poorer with her passing. My world is empty without her warmth, guidance and her love. She will be sorely missed and I doubt I will find anybody like her again, for the rest of my life.

June 6th 1979 - March 28th 2015
Rest in peace my love. I will always love you and carry you in my heart. (Lurch)

R.I.P. Meesh
25/06/1980 - 23/07/08
"To prove her mousey worth.." Words our beloved Meesh would use when trying to speak about herself. Words that no one who knew her would have used as her worth was self-evident in the way that she cared, the way that she played and the way that she lived her life every single day.

Meesh was a bright light in so many peoples lives, she was a beacon where guidance was needed, she was a spark that could start an explosion of fun at the lightest touch of her presence. Though she herself did not see this most of the time, those of us blessed with sharing virtual and very real time with her, know this measure and more.

Most people who have seen pictures of Meesh that float around ToG and the web will remember with affection the one of her on the couch munching some popcorn and the incredible hairdo which was the crowning focus for attention within that image.. It is only once one finds out she was wearing a pair of fake cats ears that matched so well with her hair that it all became clear and the humor within this lady could be seen to be expressed with such gentle force that the smiles still show to this day on many a person's face as they remember the moment that they found this piece of information out.

Humor in fact was a very large part of our dear Meesh's life.. Stand up comedy was one of her many passions and one that she pulled off with great aplomb, she could always be seen to understand the pain and suffering of others and was always conscious of how she treated her friends and even total strangers.

This world will continue on without our dear friend, but this world is not the same place to many, as there is a hole where her presence once was. But to honor her memory we remember the best and, typical of this lovely lady's presence, even now the memory of it can bring such joy, where the memory of her absence will always bring tears.

May your avatar be dancing topless on the tables of your afterlife Meesh and may we one day again share with you the joy you always brought and always will.

R.I.P. Nightlife
28/03/1975 - 28/3/1975 - 17/6/2012
Nightlife AKA Gavin Keep 28/3/1975 - 17/6/2012

Police said a taxi veered on to the wrong side of Kilmore-Broadford Rd, colliding with a security patrol car about 3am.

The accident happened 3km south of Broadford.

The driver of the patrol car ( Nightlife ) died at the scene

We used to play for hours with him, Darknight, Dars183, Grandpa.
Nightlife vouched for me when i joined way back when. When all we played was BF1942 Vanilla and Desert Combat, we were in Taipan squad for vanilla and Redback squad for DC
I've known Nightlife for nearly 20 years, i went to school with gav and his sister played sega master system with him for hours on end and pretty much every console released since.

He was a good man taken way before his time he was only 37 married for 5 weeks. He's gone now but very far from forgotton.

Miss ya bro. Darkknight

I joined TOG in 2004 just as Lineage 2 went live from Beta. In that game all Beta characters where allowed to transfer onto the live servers. Some people had worked very hard to get thier toons up to Beta cap level 20. Nightlife had done well and had a toon in the mid level teens. I was boarding a boat to take to the mainland along with 15 to 18 other low level toons one day before live launch. TOG Nightlife was onboard also. Suddenly out of what seemed to be nowhere toons begane to die around me from archery fire. Everyone was scrambling for cover when Mr X, an Elf Archer, came down the dock to finish everyone off. Nightlife was the only one to survive. This was our first meeting and my first introduction into the real world of PvP.

A few weeks later, TOG Nightlife answered my call out in Guild chat asking for help in completeing a few quests in SODA, School of Dark Arts. He spent a few hours with me, protecting me and and helping me kill mobs while I completed what I had to do down in that crazy ass dungeon. What I did not know is that Nightlife had already spent hours upon hours himself down there with other Onyx Guard guild mates assisting them ealier throughout the prevuous week. When I asked for help he came all the way from the other side of the map to help out a fellow TOG member. That was the kind of man he was. Unselfish and always wanting/willing to lend a hand.
Gavin embodied the TOG spirit.
God Bless and Rest in Peace. I will never forget you. ForrestGump

R.I.P. Nudie
18/08/1975 - 31st May 2011
Nudie AKA Tony Woods sadly passed away in 31st May 2011 he was 35, (18th of August 1975)
With Nudie the game was always on, teamspeak was always a blast he was always so full of life and fun and loved to share it with his mates. I think we all have Nudie stories and we’ll remember him just that way.
To those close to Nudie they will always remember him for being Nudie... he was one never to forget a birthday even those of your family if he knew the date he always took time to say a happy birthday.. Nudie was one of those people he'd hear it in your voice that you’re a bit down and go out of his way to play the clown and get you smiling at his antics and before you knew it you'd forgotten what was getting you down. He was always up for a drink in teamspeak or in game and always had time to teach any noobs a thing or two. His laughter will surely be missed by all of us that knew him.
Nudie was a keen gamer and will be greatly missed from all of his game forums and teamspeak channels and all the friends he had in TOG and in real life
He was a keen biker and surfer when he wasn’t stirring up everyone in teamspeak or in game VoIP.
We hope you've found serenity and that you're riding the crest of a perfect, endless wave, with the sun at your back and the twinkle of contentment in your eye.
Love you and miss you always Nudie

R.I.P. Ral_Partha
07/10/1964 - August 24th, 2015
Ral-Partha - Les Robertson (October 7, 1964 - August 24th, 2015)

On August 24th, 2015, Les Robertson lost his battle with Crohn’s Disease. It was a struggle he was forced to endure for decades and he was taken from us way too soon at the early age of 50. Many of us knew Les as Hasc, a longtime member of ToG since 2006. He was a friend to all, always eager to lend a hand and the kind of person you could spend hours chatting with nightly about anything and everything.

For those who didn’t know him personally, Les was so much more than a gamer! He had two beautiful children that he thought the world of and was also blessed with two grandchildren. His family meant so much to him and he spoke of them often. Les was also a very talented musician and photographer and was surrounded by so many people that loved him.

When I spoke to his children about this announcement I’d be making for him to ToG, I asked if they had anything personal they wanted to add. His son Jimmy wanted all of you to know just how much he loved being a part of The Older Gamers. His daughter Amber had the following to say:

“I just want to make sure that everyone knows my dad was a fighter. Even on his worst days he fought hard. He was an amazing man. He always told me he wanted to be my friend and he was one of my closest friends. He loved his friends and family. He loved gaming. He would give the shirt off his back. He gave great advice and was there for anyone that needed him.”

Les will be greatly missed; he touched the lives of so many people and left us with so many wonderful memories.

I wanted add the links below to his music and photography. I know how proud he was of his work and he would have loved for them to be shared with everyone.


R.I.P. Rookie
19/12/1952 - 26th May 2011
Written by Pentu.
Rookie and I were in the same squad,Utah, in the CoD2 Div for years. Aside from always being a true gentleman, he had a knack of delivering "One liners" that would totally crack everyone up during a scrim, particularly if we were losing and tensions were high. He was a true friend to all and his dry sense of humour just endeared him to us.
He was a gentleman and a good Togger. RIP Rook.

R.I.P. Shriever
04/10/1961 - 4/10/1961 - 23/1/2012
There are many ways to be a true member of TOG. But Shriever's way was the one we always admired. Friendly. Helpful. Faithful.

His real name was Gareth. But most of us in WoW knew him as Shriever or Dobbi. No one had been a member of The Old Guard on EU-Thunderhorn longer than him. It is easy to turn to clichés in times like these, but Gareth truly was one of the greatest of us.

Many of us have been helped by him. He was like that real life, too. He was a good friend. A friend who would be there for you. In return he got friends from all over Europe.

Some of us had the pleasure of meeting him and his family a few years ago. Gareth was an easygoing, good humored man with a warm smile and a great laugh. His diplomatic points of view were sobering in times of trouble; his sense of humor a relief.

His death comes as a true shock. We knew that he was sick, but we had no idea how sick he really was. Gareth only became 50 years old.

Many of us will miss him. And when our lives are over, that is quite likely the best that can said about any of us.

R.I.P. woftam
17/03/1967 - 12/01/2008
Andrew (Woftam) passed away after a paintballing bucks party in North Geelong, a suburb of a major Australian city in the state of Victoria.

He collapsed in a car at service station a few hundred metres from where he had just been playing paintball. Despite the efforts of his friends and ambulance paramedics, Andrew passed away as a result of a heart attack.

He was a much loved member of our community, especially in the BF2142 Division where a monthly award in his honour is now given to a member displaying outstanding qualities and exemplifying the TOG ethos.

Husband and Father of two, Andrew was committed to his family.

R.I.P. zWolf
05/08/1971 - 7/11/2013
Written by Bluesteel.

Zwolf, Wade Lynn Hone, 42, of Idaho Falls and formerly of Blackfoot, passed away on November 7, 2013 as a result of injuries sustained in a single-car accident. He will be sorely missed by family and friends across the United States and beyond.

Wade was born on August 5, 1971, in Mesa, Arizona. He was the first of five children born to his parents, Dennis and Karen Hone. In his first four years, his family moved to Hillsboro, Oregon and then to Bellevue, Iowa for a short time, before finally settling in Blackfoot in 1975. Wade was raised in Blackfoot and graduated from Blackfoot High School in 1989. During his school years, he enjoyed soccer tournaments, extensive reading, chess, and he worked as a river guide on the Salmon River for the Boy Scouts of America. He is an Eagle Scout.

Wade served an honorable mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints from 1990 to 1992. He served in Argentina, Uruguay, and Brazil. He was an outstanding missionary and an inspired leader throughout his missionary service. It was one of the greatest highlights of his life.

Wade was very talented with computers from the time he was a young teenager, and always had an intense fascination with technology of all sorts. He studied computer science at Ricks College, and later at Idaho State University. He worked for several years for AT&T Wireless as section leader, in Twin Falls, Cerritos, California and Seattle. Many of his colleagues from his time at AT&T remember him as an energetic team player with a great sense of humor, loyalty and creativity.

Wade eventually returned to Idaho and started working as part of his family’s business at Imperial Asphalt in Blackfoot, where he supervised sales and computer management. Again his knack for technology and his enthusiasm and creativity made him an invaluable member of the business.

One of Wade’s main hobbies – or passions – was his love of the online gaming community. He was well connected with online friends from around the world and attended gaming conferences often to keep up with friends. His Facebook account of nearly 750 friends says a lot about his desire to stay connected and be a terrific friend, using technology at its best.

Wade’s other main passion was his obvious love for his family and personal friends. He is remembered as a true friend with a generous heart and an infectious love of life. His optimism, enthusiasm and sense of humor often made him the life of the party. In addition, his thoughtful nature and love of his fellowman endeared him to others in all walks of life. His 15 nephews and nieces looked up to him as their everyday hero who always had time to listen and let them play with his iPad.

We love you Wade. We’ll miss you, Wade. Until we meet again…

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