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Default Comanche: Maximum Overkill

Ok, this was the first flight sim to truly blow my mind! Voxel graphics!! OMFG! How leet was this in it's day?!

At the time, I had been playing Gunship 2000, and JetFighter II, but the ground was always flat (single colour) and "geographical features" were just expanded polygons... as were all of the objects in those games! Tanks were two rectangular cubes with a pipe out one side... and buildings were just plain cubes!

But Comanche? Well... the tanks had aerials! they had treads! They actually moved!! This game truly had atmosphere. I remember going over to a mates place after school to see it, (I still had a crappy 486!) and just being in awe. Even the sound! Wow! Best use of a soundblaster ever (at the time!).

So sit back, relax, and enjoy the entire first mission of Comanche: Maximum Overkill!
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Will a head shake do?
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I missed that one as I only had a crappy PC at the time it came out. I think I have Comanche 4 somewhere, I bought it off ebay but never got around to playing it.
I put quite a few hours into Thunderhawk on the Amiga, that was another great helicopter game, even if the controls were a bit unforgiving.

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Yeah I had a few of the comanche games, but that first one at the time really stood out in that genre.

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yes i had that and had exactly the same reaction as you Spectre8. Truely awsome graphics for it's day. I spent a lot of time playing that. I think it's why I love the choppers in BF2 and BF2142 so much. I also really liked Armoured fury (tanks) (I think it was called that) which I think used the same graphics engine, by the same company.
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Yeah WW, Nova Logic. Pretty sure it was Armoured Fury. Never tried it though.

This was the first game I'd seen on a "good" computer, especially one that had a sound card! Oh the joy! I raced out and bought one a few weeks later ($50 for a second hand one from a crook at school!) and was welcomed to the world of dodgy intro movies in Dune 2: The building of a Dynasty! hehehe Before that, just the bloody beep and squark of the PC speaker!
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