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Default First computer

My first computer was an amiga 500 plus
how about everyone else

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My First was a IBM XT, 5 1/4 inch floppy disks with a 5 meg hard disk the size of a house brick, pretty sure it was 8 meg of ram maybe less?.... not to forget the inovative monochrome display....thank god for EGA....think I used to be able to organise a cup of coffee while it booted up..those were the days....I was still young then to....lol
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The first one I owned was a 48k Sinclair Spectrum.

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My goodness .. memories ... My first computer was a Texas Instruments 99/4A computer. It had the distinction of having a cartridge slot in the side plus a normal tape drive.. Those were the days ... typing in programs and making my own up at the same time

Then dad brought home a Commodore 64 .. and that was pretty much a gaming machine ... all the peeks and pokes to program was just too difficult

Whilest in uni I got hold of an Amiga 500 ... woot .. great machine .. and wished I still had one

I am always right .. right ?? Or is that left??
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My first was a Commodore 64.

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My dad used to work for a Swedish company and one day he brought home this beast:

Swedish made computer called ABC-80.

I remember being able to make a picture of a tank on it after a few days (was only 10 or so at the time).

It was a big rectangle (body of tank) with a small rectangle on top of it (top of tank) and a long winded rectangle (barrel)
The picture was really just characters coded in basic.

I then figured out how to move the barrel rectangle from the left to the right as if the tank was turning it around, just one of the things I remember as from that day computers became my life.
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Wow cool
I had a Commodore 64.
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After I graduated I went to the UK for a while. Within a few weeks of being there, early '83, I was house sitting for a mate while he went skiing in France. In the living room was this Sinclair Spectrum 16K on the coffee table. No cables, manual, directions or anything. I spent a whole week there with this bloody contraption not having one iota what it was! Fortunately it was too bloody cold to think on it too much (I didn't know what central heating was either! ) so I used to burn a little coal, drink a couple o' "hot" unrefrigerated English beers (sitting them on the windows-sill did the trick) and head off to bed. When my friend got back he told me what it was...been hooked ever since!
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My first computer (I was around eight) was a locally made Pong machine which had four games: tennis, tennis doubles, hockey, and pelota, and I think a setting for the ball speed. I connected it to a TV set through the antenna leads.

I received a computer where I could type things something like nine years later: an IBM PC-XT turbo charged to 8Hz, one floppy drive, a Taxan green monitor, and 256K of RAM. I think I saved enough a few months later to add another floppy drive, 384K of RAM, and a 20 MB Seagate HD.
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My first was a timex/sinclair kit.
I got the memory upgrade so I had a whole whopping 2K sram.
I then swapped the Z80 out for a Z80A.
It was a rip snorting speed demon running at just over 1MHZ clock.

Traded that in on a C64 when they had a trade anything in for 100.00 off promo.
Got a C64 floppy drive that cost more than the C64.
Modified my Magnavox TV for S-video input from the C64.
Zaxxon & Montezuma's Revenge here we come!

Ah the good ole' days, hehe

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