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oooh, got a few gems in my parents attic now i think on it.
Amstrad CPC 464 that I rescued from a skip about 3 years ago.
Later Amstrad, cant remember the exact model any longer, played Brabben's first Elite on this with the georgeous wire-frame ships. Nice to see folks still remember this game as evidenced by our post count ratings
ZX spectrum +2 but few games for that, it had a nasty habit of chewing tapes.
amiga600, bought direct from the irvine factory a few months after general release, played the original civilization (6 floppy disks >.<) and railroad tycoon, both meier classics. Upgraded with the 2mb chip RAM through the trapdoor expansion, another 4mb RAM through the PC card slot.
still got most of the bits from my 486 25SX too, no monitor though.
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Originally Posted by Celem View Post
oooh, got a few gems in my parents attic now i think on it.
Amstrad CPC 464 that I rescued from a skip about 3 years ago.
Lol! I forgot all about the Amstrad! I actually think this was one of the first computers that got me into games! 2 of my mates had the Amstrad. I have some vague recollections about some platform game with crappy sound and some other racing game where I think the track narrowed the longer you played.
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It depends on how classic you mean I still have my old Dreamcast and Ps lol but as I stated in my intro post I am trying to put together a retro-console arcade which will feature all consoles from the Atari onwards with hopefully a tv for each of them...or at least a lot of aerial double adaptors hehe I will submit pics as it develops but is going to be a little slow in getting it done.
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Default Forgot

i also want to have a few of the older pcs...vic20 (anyone remember voodoo castle?) and an amstrad...ahh leisure suit larry how ive missed thee lol
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On the PC front there is only a Win98 machine that has moved to the back of the couch. Everything else is either still in use or a single backup pc if one dies and needs to get repaired.

On the console front though I have a fair few systems. Intellivison with lots of games, keyboard (very dodgy tech) and voice module. NES, SNES, N64 with plenty of games (not too many N64 ones though). Atari Lynx (1st gen) with a ton of games. Sega Megadrive (1st gen) with the add ons for Master System, MegaCD and 32X. A couple of PS1 for link gaming.

Only things hooked up these days are my PS2 and Wii.

From around 1990-2003 I was buying 1-3 new console games every 2 weeks. By the end my PC use time diverted me away from console use.

One thing you should be careful of with hoarding old PC parts. I have a friend who is just like Deadfyre in that he helps people all around his town (usually the kind of people that can't afford to go to a shop to get things done) with PC problems and he tends to get to keep the old parts. Being on a pension he also made a little extra cash selling movies to friends. Someone got pissed off at him and evetually the cops did a raid and seized everything. Due to the ammount of old unusable tech in his 2 room apartment, the cops thought they had smashed a large piracy ring and the local paper even reported it as a multi million dollar operation. Some really nice detective work there. Case is slowly on it's way to getting thrown out of court after well over a year of police delay tactics. /end of Anti-establishment rant

Will be playing Guild Wars 2 when it's out. Currently playing Battlefield 3 (Nightlifeoz) and Star Wars The Old Republic (Nightlife) on PC. PC, PS3, DS Lite and Wii are my systems of choice.

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LULZ at cops... I don't think some should generally be allowed anywhere near computers.. dumb terminals at most :P

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Well, let's see...

I still have the first computer I bought back around 1992 with my own damn money lying around here somewhere. A Packard Bell 486SX-25Mhz desktop I used to play DOS games and mess around with Windows 3.0. I currently have an AMD K6-2 400Mhz machine set up with Win98SE so I can play some of those old DOS games I have and enjoy (like Conquest of the New World Deluxe).

I also have an Atari 2600 Jr. Rev A with a mess of cartridges. I even have a modified cartridge with an IC "dock" soldered & wired up to accept loose chips that the games were programed on. I remember buying it from someone who used to dumpster dive Atari's plant in Sunnyvale. Not sure why it doesn't work anymore, never got around to tearing it up and looking at how it was really done.

Of course, I have a NES, Super NES, Nintendo64, GameCube, original GameBoy, GameBoy Color, and GameBoy Advance, all with games I've kept.

I used to have a Commodore C64 that I'd play pirated games on. I even used it up until 1994 with a 300 baud modem to connect to Quantum Link, the precursor to America Online. But, had to get rid of it when I moved to Japan while I was in the military. I miss it.

Best of all, my father has kept the old 6-switch Atari VCS - CX2600 I played as a kid. I suspect it may actually be the "heavy sixer" version that was manufactured in the US, though I haven't confirmed it.

My dad also has our old Apple ][e he bought for us "school age" kids back in the mid 1980's. We were already using them at school and we convinced the parents that we needed to have one at home to do homework and such. We had the DuoDisk and Monitor to go with the mess of games and applications I spent my hard earned money on.

Anyone still have a working Merlin? I do! But, I'm missing the box, instruction manual, and battery cover.
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i still have my NES here but i dunno if it is still working.
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Amiga 500
Commodore 64
and Vic20 ( No power supply )
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Would a demo disc from a Playstation magazine for the PS1 count?
Number28 that is....make a good place to sit my coffee cup.

Yeah,some of the old game rocked...miss the trader game Elite....damn those Thargoids!

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