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Old 23rd June 2008, 03:21 AM   #41 (permalink)
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Originally Posted by MTDOS View Post
Nice collection All School Gamer!

I have a couple of old school Sheen and Conrad 'Colour TV Game' systems as well as my C64, PS1(x2), Snes(x4), GC, WII, MAME Arcade Cabinet and 1 game and watch game. I am planning on collecting the Game and Watch LCD games but some of there are pretty expensive now : )

Yeah i'd love to get into collecting the g n' w's but like you said they get expensive...i saw a few on ebay for over 200 each

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I still have my old amiga 500 with the add on 30mb hard drive and a whole 3mb of ram and hundreds of games. I wonder if its worth anything nowdays
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I'd have to go digging in my boxes and test things out, but I have an Atari 2600 with about 50 games, atari 5200 with maybe a dozen games, C64, C128, Amiga 500, and Amiga 1200. When they were packed up throughout the years, everything was still working.

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Hi all,

Started collecting classic video games back in mid 90's.

Have dozen's of various Pong units (best example is a mint in box Magnavox Odyssey), Atari 2600's / 400 / 800, ColecoVision with all the extra modules and the ADAM computer system from CBS, Intellivision I and II with most add on's, C64's, 128D, Vic 20, Plus 4, Amiga 500, CD32 (2 in box), Vectrex systems.
I have a few Dick Smith Wizzards (creativision) systems, one with the keyboard unit and tape drive.

Then 100's of games for most systems of the day plus heaps of other stuff can't even remember the details of after this many scotch's.

It's all stored in plastic large storage boxes in our garage. I keep telling my wife it's all a snapshot of gaming history that I want our kids and their kids to enjoy. (but really I just like to get them out and play them myself .

It's all pretty tricky and very time consuming to get then out as often as i'd like, so a few years back a swapped a Atari Jaguar system and some games for a Bubble Bobble upright arcade cabinet and proceeded to turn it into a MAME system. Best thing I ever did they are awesome fun.
I don't feel too bad about all the ROM I have on there as I own pretty much all of them in various forms (Cassette / Cartridge / 5.25" Disc).

I was into collecting the Game and Watch series of handhelds when it wasn't too mainstream and picked up heaps at swapmeets/flea markets for a few dollars each.
Sold/Trade them and other collectable classic handheld games on Ebay for 10 months and made enough for a deposit on our first house ($10k - of which 7.5k was thanks to classic games)

Haven't collected any or been to swapmeets since my 3yr old was born.
But still love them!

Cheers for listening to my rabbling

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Old 12th August 2008, 01:05 AM   #45 (permalink)
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I have the mocha brown C64 1702 monitor in service continuously since the 80s.

Got a cheap DVD and set-top hooked up to it. Perfect picture, nice hi-res unit. What a little ripper.
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Over Easter I went interstate to my parents' place to clean some of the stuff out (settling of deceased estate, see... never a pleasant job) and found my old Sega SC-3000, still in the box, complete with Congo Bongo, Exerion and Star Jacker cartridges. Not to mention the Basic IIIB cartridge and stack of cassette tapes containing all the programs I wrote/saved when I was ... <counts on fingers>... 16.
Did any other TOGgers have one of these?
Do any other collector-TOGgers want one of these (for a fair price)?

It went back into its box when I bought my much-loved and modded Amstrad CPC464. (Mine was one of the few 464s I knew of that had a 5.25" FDD and 4-ROM backpack...
Now THAT is something I wish I still had.
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Never held on to anything....we sold our C64 for $1000 haha! Had at least 600 games for it though

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I'd rather see it go to a TOGger with a collection than flog it off on fleabay.
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Originally Posted by Rog69 View Post
lbut I seem to have lost the power supply.

Are there any marking on the bottom or near the power socket?

If you can get the Voltage, Amperes, Current (DC/AC) and Polarity shops like Dick Smith and Jaycars sell adaptors.

If there aren't any marking a search online might provide the information.
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