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Default Anyone remember Zork???

I remember as a kid playing on my Atari 800 with its 64mb of RAM and staying up all night to play ZORK. Batteling trolls and avoiding the grues in the Great Underground Empire. Recently, while bouncing around the net I came across Zork 1-3:

Infocom - Zork Downloads

If there was truly one game that hooked me on PC games this was it. No graphics, just words and endless imagination.
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Yes I played this. It caused me to spend countless hours programming my own hopeless text based adventures in basic

You can play it online plus heaps of their other games here.
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Did they also do the Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy text adventure also?
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Originally Posted by YZ250 View Post
Did they also do the Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy text adventure also?
Yes, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (computer game) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Also the Leather Goddesses of Phobos Leather Goddesses of Phobos - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia It had some sort of smell bubbles - I read about it at that time. Getting to a certain poiint in the adventure you could pop open a vacuum container with wonderful smells like 'vomit' or 'toilet' or such. The early days of computer games were the most innovative for sure

Edit: After checking the wiki on LGoP, it turns out the rewiever exaggerated the smells and they seem to have been more innocent like chocolate or such...

Edit2: And of course you can play HGttG here: BBC - Radio 4 - The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy - The Adventure Game

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HHG was superior then Zork, but Zork was a great one.
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I played every text based game I could when I was kid. I loved Zork. I actually beat HHGTG without hints. Played a bunch of others.

Here's a good one for you guys.

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Remember Wargames Adventure, based on the Film, I thought it was g8, it had GRAPHICS lol
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I remember playing this game and other text-based games (like Leather) but on an IBM PC XT.

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Remember playing a few of the Infocom text adventures on the C64. Zork 1 - 3< Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy and a couple of others I cannot think of. They were great and in some ways superior to the graphics adventures of the day.

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Didn't get to much into Zork but I did love HHGTTG, but my
favorite would have to be PlanetFall. That was hilarious.

Ahh the good ole C-64. My first comp. I loved those games i might have
to look up an emulator for some fun loving space taxi :P
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