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Old 8th January 2013, 02:55 AM   #42 (permalink)
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Default Elite Dangerous

Who remembers Elite on the BBC?

Well it looks as if they are in to re-making this for the current generation of PC's and MAC's and I for one can't wait to get my sticky mitts on it.

The Kickstarter project has raised at time of this posting 1,578,316 to get this into production. For more info: Elite: Dangerous by Frontier Developments — Kickstarter
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Default X wing

Any word about an x wing remake. That game was awesome
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Disney now owns the Star Wars properties.

...and Disney just recently shut down LucasArts, the developer of X-Wing & Tie Fighter.

I wouldn't be hoping for much.
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Hello! Not exactly a remake, but I've developed a spiritual successor to Battle of Olympus for NES. Namely a retro indie game called Prometheus - The Fire Thief which is scheduled to be released by the end of March. It is an action adventure game. Links:

Trailer: Prometheus - The Fire Thief Trailer - YouTube
Entry at Indiedb.com: Prometheus - The Fire Thief Windows game - Indie DB
Dev blog: Servadac's Game Development Blog
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I personally love when they made a remake for game called "Z" for android
Z Origins - (Z The Game)
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If any of you remember Star Control 2 from the early 90's...
The Urquan Masters HD Remix Windows game - Mod DB

This is a HD version I've been working on, essentially building on the work of the original UQMHD team. Merry Christmas all.
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