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Default Rise of the Video Game - Discovery Channel

Been watching this series since the beginning, they take some liberties and tend to sensationalise a little, but for the most part it's very entertaining and oddly informative. I though I knew a lot about the history of video games, but there's a lot in this series I knew nothing about.

They also take an interesting approach to discussing games as culture. Overall it's well worth the watch if your a fan of modern or retro gaming. You can probably find it on YouTube or via other unspeakable means as I don't think they've released DVDs of the series yet.
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Yeah, I have been catching that one too, still have latest one to watch, tho a lot of the first episode and a bit was kinda stuff I already knew, they mentioned a book there in the first episode.. err what was it called.. Game Over, its a book about the rise of Nintendo etc and the crash of atari and stuff. But yeah, all in all its a good show.

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I quite enjoyed this show and cant wait to own it on dvd..though I must admit I found the last ep or 2 a little ordinary. Once it got into the more modern gaming I found myself going meh. lol

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