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Default Master Of Orion Music

Does anyone have the music from the first part of Master Of Orion? Or know how to extract it from the game files?

I've been trying to get it now for a long time. The best I've came up with is this page:

Ari's MIDIs

I thought it was the end of my painfull search, but this collection obviously lacks some of the tunes. What I know for sure there

are no races theme. And that would include a tune for every of the races for: negotations; negotiations that went bad; short

fading out when exiting the negotians panel and returning to the "races" screen. That is what I can recall from my head,

because it's been a while since I've been able to run the game with music playing

So, here are the other things that I've tried:

1] Visiting composer's website

MobyGames - David Govett says the page is wing commander fat man sound at davidgovett.com. Maybe it is, but since

at least the middle of 2007 the domain name is not working

2] Contacting the composer

There is a problem with that, [because of above and] because he is sometimes refered to as David and sometimes as Dave,

thus googling him is much harder. I find only some bios, much like those on Moby Games. I've even found some science /

artwork work of an astromer / publicist named Govett about astrological Orion

3] Writing e-mails to people listed in contact sections of various MOO games oriented sites

Some of the emails don't even reach out those people because the pages are like discontinued years ago so I get them

returned as not delivered. [One can assume those people are either dead or have moved on with there lives]. Those few mails

that are replayed say they don't have it or offer the MOO II music instead. And most of e-mails are propably lost as some sort of

an antispam collateral damage- that includes the case of guy from Ari's MIDIs as I just can

not get any answer from his e-mail adress

4] Using extracting software

I didn't know any so I started looking for some, knowing I would probably need one specified as capable of handling LBX files,

because that's where the music is suppose to be stored

WATTO STUDIOS - http://www.watto.org
Should have worked [see supported games disclamer for details] but it didn't [huraayyy!]

Nova Software
Shoudn't have worked at it didn't [double huraayyy!]

I'm sure there are plenty of others programs, but I just don't know / have them

5] Checking out the [normally] usefull sites

Free MP3 downloads - Free Video Game OST - Game Soundtracks for download
Soundtracks Homepage
OverClocked ReMix - Video Game Music Community

No luck there [and no suprise either]. Im not aware of any other places where you could get music / soundtracks from

computer games

6] Searching P2P

To my concern, not even the relatively easy acquirable music from MOO II is accessible via eMule. There is no shared a single

file with "music", "score", "soundtrack" or "OST" in it's name with conjuction with "Master Of Orion" or "MOO". I'm not

familiar with others PSP systems than eMule

7] Checking out the Mac version

VOGONS :: View topic - Mac Alternatives to PC versions(Image Intensive) - If I got it right, there is no music on Mac?

Although it would be another waste of times beacaues I would be eventually stucked again with LBX files or some other old

type not used in modern games

8] Going to Orion and deafeating the Guardian thus acquiring the know how

For now I lack some of the key technologies. Maybe in the year 2408, but not now [that is a joke- please laugh now]

9] Checking out forums

That's whay I'm here for. I've already asked on the biggest-old-games-oriented usenet newsgroup of my country. Now I'm

seeking help in the english speaking world

And for the future-non-successful-MOO-music-seekers I will now mention what can be done as a last resort - record "what you

hear" while playing the game with the sound off. I consider it as a very lame sollution with downsides:
- you have to have music in game
- you have to know what track is played when / why and force the game to play it [by stealing a technology for example]
- you have to figure out where track is starting to loop itself [in main menu]
- you have to edit out potentially interferes of diverse kinds within the self-made recordings
- you have to have time, patient and skills to do it properly
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Old 11th March 2008, 04:04 AM   #2 (permalink)
Harmless - Post: 2


I've got it, sort of. If you are interested, please go to Abondonia.com into Forums > Chatterbox > Technical Stuff. You will find there know-how and step by step guide [but you have to be registered to be able to see "Technical Stuff" section of the forum]
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Now theres a game worth playing!
Might find my MOO2 files are give it a go....at least I know I can run it on this hunk of junk of a notebook

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