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Default Best Game Ever?

Im sorry, not quite old but my vote goes to Zelda: Ocarina of Time or Majora's Mask, both absolutely breathtaking games.

Mass Effect rates a mention but its not old
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So hard to pick a best ever, but i must admit Mario kart on the SNES was pretty ground breaking and addictive for me- mode 7 was amazing. Actual real corners to go around rather than the usual "track bends in front of you"

But that was such along time ago, so im going with a newish game in Bioshock. The story was totally enthralling. Spent most my time at work daydreaming about how it would unravel and it sure delivered. Actually my co-workers must have got sick of me at talking about the game all day long LOL. I could go on about bioshock forever, shame it had to end....

Quickly mention perfect dark for N64. Spent alot of hours with this one.
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Where in the retro gaming thread I assume your asking for the best retro game ever if I'm right I would say Mario is the best game ever on how this game evolve from time to time. Really go crazy for Mario back then.
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Deus Ex for me. Nothing else has come close.

Runners Up

Sensible soccer/SWOS
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Elite II frontier, is still after all these year the best game I ever played!
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Old 31st May 2008, 04:46 PM   #7 (permalink)
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DooM, no questions asked. Opened up a whole new world of both great 3D fps and network multiplayer.

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yeah DOOM is one of the greatest games I've played I remember playing DOOM when I was a kid I'm so scared to walk into a hallway expecting that a monster will show up there.
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Hard to narrow down to one. Candidates would be

Tie Fighter
Dark Forces
OpenGL Team Fortress
Total Annihilation

All groundbreaking and held me playing for a long time.
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Doom was amazing! But no one game jumps out for me. I do have some great memories of Pirates on the 64. I loved that one. When it was released again a couple of years ago, it just didn't have the magic of the original.

I also loved The Bards Tale III. Man, the hours I sunk into that one!!
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