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Default Retro Computer Museum (UK)

Hi all.

Just a headsup about a good friend of mine who runs the Retro Computer Museum.

It is for all things retro, at the moment is online only while they seek premises .
The muesum will be a hands-on type where you can sit and play on all your old favourites (and some rare machines!).

Please take a look and register on the forums, there is always plenty of banter taking place and some very helpful retro modders/programmers too.

Retro Computer Muesum

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Retro fans please visit: Retro Computer Museum

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Default RCM Retro Gaming Event - Open Day

Thanks for the mention . . . I hope some the people on here will come and join us, looks like it is going to be a busy day!


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That's not a million miles from me so I'll try to come along if I'm not working on that day.
Good luck with the venture guys.

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