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Retro Gaming and Nostalgia! Where PacMan swallowed his first pill.

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Not necessarily my youth, per se, but Command HQ, as well.
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Originally Posted by r8response View Post
Aliens V Predator 2

One of only two games the other being Doom 3, that actually made me jump. I managed to find a place i could aquire a working copy
I just had to respond to this, im turning my head and looking fondly at my copy of AvP2 on my bookshelf right now. I 110% agree with you on the scare factor. I have never ever had a game make me almost crap my pants like that game did,, holy hell was it immersive.

In my opinion the marine's campaign was the best , they realy got the motion sensor and pitch black room thing right in that game.
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lol i can easily re look @ my life when i played final fantasy 1-5 in a time spread of a few months on then finding out there's more..
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Probably the three most infuential games in my youth were, in reverse order for added drama...

Carrier Command,
Dungeon Master,

I sank so many hours into those games that it's just not funny.

Before then it would mainly have been Tank on the Atari console. They also had a racing car one that you controlled with funny paddle controllers that I played the heck out of. At the arcades I think Gauntlet and Bubble Bobble would have been my biggest coin-gobblers.

I love retro games. I have a massive collection of Atari ST compact disks (what they used to call the floppy disk compilations the pirates of those days used to make).
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