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Default Not too sure if this is old news or not.........

but it's cool, regardless.

Command & Conquer classic versions are freeware now

Command & Conquer classic, Red Alert and Tiberian Sun + Expansion are now all available for free. Yes FREE!
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cool find Corwin, didn't know that. They were great games, but for me the fondest memories are still with Dune 2.
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C&C + Red Alert were freeware a couple of years back now, though didn't realise that TibSun was also released? So thanks for pointing that out mate!

If you happen to be on Internode, you can download them literally for free!

Tiberian Sun
Command & Conquer
Red Alert
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Classics.. I found them on the DVD when buying the new PCPP for this month. All of them are on there, so if you don't want to download them then pick up the mag
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