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Old 25th October 2012, 09:22 AM   #101 (permalink)
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Pirates! on C64 I love sword fighting. And ship battles.

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Nemesis on MSX, ah what can I have been, 6 or 7 I think.
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Colossal Cave Adventure!

Colossal Cave Adventure - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

My dad, who worked at Yale University brought a PC home with this text based adventure game on it one weekend back in the mid-seventies and I played it all night, literally!
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Harmless - Post: 39


For me it has to be SMB on NES. It was my first game, and I analyzed every aspect of that game.
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Mine would easily be Final Fantasy 8 for Playstation. Still love that game.
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Some great mentions in this thread. I think the first game that I owned that had me completely hooked might be tough to call. I used to get games one disk box at a time and I mean the disk boxes that were as long as rulers, some had multiple games on them. Yes, my introduction to gaming coincided with my introduction to pirating

Trying to remember which was first is tough but it just may have been Gateway to Apshai from 1983 / 1984.
Other luminaries from that era that spring to mind are;
Impossible Mission
Beach Head
Bruce Lee
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Driver on PS1 was another one.
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Archon, by EA on the Apple II. Played it to death and then some with my best friend

An awful lot of memories in this thread though. I did play Gateway to Apshai (Asphai?) on a friend's C64. Took soooo longto load of the cassette, even for a cassette game

And more Apple II omg Conan, Chivalry, Sticky Bear Bounce. And Robot Odyssey! A game that teaches you programming and was that much fun! Holy crap those were some good edumactation.

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Ohh, lots of great memories from my childhood here. Standouts for me are all Amiga games - Kick Off 2 (which got played non-stop with my housemates at uni when we should have been studying), TV Sports Football and TV Sports Basketball.

And also Elite, which I think I played on my C64. Made it all the way to Deadly - one of my proudest achievements in life!
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Championship Manager 96/97.
I still play the follow-up games to this day.
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