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On the original BBC version you could 'force' a witch-space jump by pressing ctrl-x when the countdown was happening

OK most of the time it left you miles from anywhere with no fuel left to jump, as well as the thargoids, but that's not the point!
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I remember loving to play Jumpman on the C64. By playing Wings on the Amiga 500 was one of my favorites. It had a great story.
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I don't know/think it was the first but the game I always seem to go back to is Romance of the Three Kingdoms III by KOEI on SNES. Been playing it on my iPad with a Wiimote lately.

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Originally Posted by o0reno0o View Post
Probably the two most addictive games I've played... Diablo and Final Fantasy VII... those two games each ate large chunks of my younger years
That's totally where my teenage years dissappeared!

Phantasy Star II and III on the megadrive ate my pre teen years as well...
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Huge chunks of time spent on Pirate Cove on the Commodore Vic20 along with programming in Basic.
Elvira 1 & 2 on the Amiga 500... Needless to say never finished the Elvira series.
Alternate reality(The City) on the Atari 800... Best game ever!

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Originally Posted by Joeb View Post
Choplifter on the Apple II. Loved saving those little stick figures.

Omg me too!

But maybe even before this one, or around the same time, it's so long ago it's when games were on floppy disks, yes the bigger ones, not the 3.5" ones. I loved this text ascii art game called Sleuth and played it constantly!

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Hrm.. Not so sure now..

Steve adams adventures on the mini were good.
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My first (and to date only) game addiction was Strategic Conquest 2.0 and I do mean addicted. The first tiime I discovered it in the computer lab I played it for 11 hours straight without realizing it.

It's the only game I continued to keep thinking about when I wasn't playing it. Unfortunately, it's only playable in Apple Classic so new Macintosh's aren't capable of playing it or even fitted to play it - you'd have to wipe and install something earlier than OSX.

But sooner or later I'm gonna do just that.

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Asteroids or River Raid.I spent alot of time (Years)On both.Went through two Atari 2600s.
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The first TRULY addicting one would be Disciples II. The mood in that game was a horrible thing that garbed one by the throat and didn't let go...in a good way.
Plus, the art direction was fantastic and the narrator was a bloody genius. He didn't do the usual deep mystical voice but rather the most depressing yet beautiful voice that my ears have had the pleasure of experiencing.

It's also a game I still often play, unfortunately it did not age all that well so the sound cracks a lot due to hardware power but it's a minor thing.
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