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Originally Posted by tina6547 View Post
Starmaster, an old Atari 2600 game from something like 1982 or 1983.
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doom. dark room. alone. headphones. walk around a corner and seeing demons coming towards you. starting to sound like a moment to define an entire TOG generation.

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Silent Hill on the original Playstation
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It could have been any number of games but for me it was playing Dead Space, at night in the dark, headphones on, alone in the house (or so I thought) only to have my wife come home and place her hand on my shoulder at a quiet moment in the game.
I guess she thought she was doing the right thing by waiting for an action free moment but little did she know it was an anticipation filled game and that was the worst moment she could have chosen.

I don't think I have actually played it again since.
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Vampire the Masquarade: Bloodlines
Exploring the haunted house
Probably not a good idea at 3am with surround sound
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There was a game based on the original Aliens movie that came out on C64 or maybe my older Amstrad that used to scare the willies out of me.

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Like several others, it would have to be Doom for me too. My father has a wicked sense of humour and used to have us kids play his game for him while he went to make coffee or tea. Needless to say, whenever I get coerced into playing FPS games I can't seem to take my finger off the firing button.....
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DOOM!!!! Definitely!!!! Geez...I would have nightmares with those walls...
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Default Doom.. Definitely Doom

The graphics may have been awful by today's standards but man... you just hoped your double-barrel was loaded in case one of those pink grunting things was around the next corner
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For me I think the original AvP game really scared me, when playing marine....

Half Life was good too...
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