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Resident Evil 1 for sure. It was so bad, I wouldn't go into the basement alone for weeks after playing it. O.O'
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Originally Posted by butterfly View Post
Resident Evil
Two burley blokes playing in the middle of the night.
Licker crashed through the window we both squealed like little children, I kicked over the coffee table jumping back and threw the controller at the screen. The wife almost wet herself when see came down to see what the commotion was.

And now she loves telling everyone the story.
Ditto!!! didn't kick over coffee table though
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Originally Posted by Asmodai View Post
So many moments...

I think the first honest "have to stop playing now" moment was after getting chased by the garagantua (stampy or w/e it was called) at the rail station in Half Life 1 (can't recall if it was original or Blueshift/Opfor), you can hear the big bugger coming up behind you and you have to run. My heart was beating, I was sweating bullets and just managed to make it. Hit esc, go for a smoke to calm down...

AvP as marine always freaked me out (funnily enough, I could play the alien no problem). System Shock 2's cyber nannies unmanned me as well..

Agreed, Shock 2 was for me the hallmark FPS/RPG hybrid and would routinely scare the crap out of me, cyber nannies especially! (Clank clank clank) "Little ones need lots of meat to grow up big, and strong..."
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I don't think I scare easy and don't remember being startled or scared from a game until I was an adult but from what I remember Half Life was the first. Head crabs armed with only a crow bar was some intense pucker time action.

After that probably Doom 3. The flashlight mechanic may have been annoying but it definitely gave the game the potential for some brown trousers time. That pucker factor went away when the flashlight could be modded to be on all the time but did make it easier to see the whole game.

Resident Evil 4 is probably the newest one I can remember. The sound of the chainsaws starting and whispers speaking in Spanish was eerie as all hell. That and always having no ammo made that game intense.
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Cant really remember what the first game was that actually scared me, I suppose besides those baby things and the radio static noise from the first silent hill. Here are a couple more of scared moments that I can remember over the years.

Doom 3 (begins all nice, then everything goes bang and things jump out at you in the dark).

Dead Space, only made it to level 3 really couldn't take it anymore, plus the game was pretty repetitive anyway...

And the one that really got me was Fatal Frame (Project Zero on the PS2 in the UK)... Walking around a spooky house taken pictures of ghosts with a weird camera thing... HELL NO!.
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Old 30th April 2012, 03:30 PM   #66 (permalink)
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I don't get scared that easily. I played Resident Evil 2 in an empty house at 3 in the morning and I feel asleep...

F.E.A.R on the other hand...has a little girl and I...don't respond well to little girls. Especially not ones that sing or laugh in an empty corridor. What happened to parent supervision? Don't let your children sing in empty corridors!

Plus, it had that odd A.I. that "leaned". I never saw A.I. do that before and it was a very odd thing; there you are, just walking around in a room and suddenly a guy that looks like a black storm-trooper leans behind a pillar and breaths heavily and then suddenly there is about 12 of them coming at you from all sides...that is not natural A.I. behavior. There IS such a thing as too good A.I.
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... Alien vs. Predator ... was nice dark with the strobe-flashing lights and the screaming Aliens everywhere ... really great with blasting speakers in a complete dark room ...


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Mine would have to be DOOM also.

However the old Lure of the Temptress does rate a close second, running around a dark room, all of a sudden one of the bulking guards grabs you and the animation of him smacking you across the face... dark room.. loud speakers lol
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Ok, I'm going to go on a completely different track to answer this question.

The first game to scare me? Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem on the Nintendo Gamecube.

For those of you unfamiliar with the game, you had your typical health and magic meters. Eternal Darkness added a third gauge: a Sanity meter. Essentially, being exposed to zombies and such slowly lowered your character's sanity. To get it back, you'd have to kill creatures.

As your sanity dropped, small strange things began to happen in the game. You would see a book fly off a shelf onto another. A statue's head would follow you as you walked passed it, but would not do it again a second time. You'd hear knocking or ringing coming from a room, and there would be nothing in there.

As the sanity meter further depleted, the game began playing some nasty tricks on you. You would walk into a room only to find yourself three rooms back. The noises would become more prominent. Heck, even after finishing a chapter midway through the game, it gave me a "The End" screen.

As the gauge went to its lowest levels, the screen would tilt at an odd angle, the music would get really creepy, and you'd hear constant evil laughter. This is when the game would really start to screw with you and broke the 4th wall.

I remember walking into a room with a half dozen zombies in it. My sanity meter was rather low, but I knew I'd have no problem against these guys. As they shuffle towards me, a message suddenly pops up on screen: "The controller has been disconnected from the system. Please reconnect the controller cord." For those of you who had a Gamecube, this was an all too common occurrence, but it was happening at the worst possible time. I bolt from the couch, furiously plugging and unplugging the controller, all while my character is being decimated. The message won't go away, I have no control of my character, and eventually she is killed by the zombies. The game over screen comes on, and I am filled with dread as I realize my last save was over an hour ago.

The Game Over screen disappears. I'm right back outside the room I had just gone into. I have never had a game scare me quite like that...or really mindfsck me that much either.

So, in a sense...Eternal Darkness is the scariest game I've ever played
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