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Default Looking for a game like Myst / Riven

Hi All,

I have been looking for some time now and keep coming up with nothing. I am looking for a game like Myst / Riven that has been recently released. I have googled and found titles like Rhem 4, Aura: Fate of the ages, Alida but I just can't find any that I can either download or walk into a store and pickup. Any help would be appreciated.

For the un-initiated they are games that are FULLY immersive both graphically and aurally. more often than not it is first person and on a world where something has gone wrong and you are left to wander though it decrypting puzzles and locks and all sorts of other mind jobs to progress. Quite often it means keeping a scrap book of notes you can refer to as required.

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Have you tried looking on Steam. They have Myst and Riven for sale as a digital download and I've seen a similar game set in Egypt for sale there too. Steams a great service and often has ridiculously good Special Sales.
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The 7th Guest is a fantastic game right down the lines of the two you mentioned, The music and atmosphere are fantastic, unfortunately it's even older than those two, and it probably looks pretty dated by now. There was a Sequel, the 11th hour which I never played, and we're still looking at 1995.

I believe that the 7th Guest is being re-released for iPhone and iPad in December this year, so that might be worth a look.
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