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Originally Posted by Cheeseman View Post
Commodore 64 - Airwolf
Airwolf [C64] - YouTube
Music is from TV series of the same name.. great series back in the day....
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Has to be...

RetroMusicBox: Ghosts N' Goblins - Theme - YouTube
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final fantasy 4 overworld theme
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Originally Posted by Nejad View Post
For me, the video game with the best theme song has got to be Spy Hunter (they used the theme from Peter Gunn). There is just something about a Henry Mancini tune.
Spy Hunter, hands down for me, played too loud through an arcade cabinet speaker.
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Default Twelve Sky Original Sound Track

Twelve Sky was a ftp mmorpg, a compact, full out pvp game, very simple in design, but it had everything that players could want in a really fun, fast paced, pvp environment.

Even though the NA servers were shut down years ago, the original sound track from that game still stays with me & has become a kind of benchmark, that I use to compare other games to.

The OST was the developer's own in-house production, which was all the more impressive, not only because of it's quality, but also because of the way in which it was used to define the 3 different factions, represented in the game.

These 3 factions had their own distinct maps until player level 70 & the music was tailor made for each faction, as you moved through these maps, so you really identified with your faction in a much more tangible way.

As with lots of other games, players still "mourn" the loss of that game. The last remaining server is the original Korean one, but to play there you need a Korean SSN, which I don't recommend anyone using, unless it's their own so...

But if you live in SEA & have legitimate access to one, then it's a game that I would suggest that you try & be prepared to be hooked on, not just for the OST, but for the game itself.

If any of you are interested in sampling some of the OST, then you can easily listen to some of it here, on the Korean site: http://12sky.agame.co.kr/file/ost
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Monty Mole on the Run (C64)
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James Bond theme in the Games, made me feel like Bond, James Bond.

Playing multiplayer on the game cube and camping up in the ceiling using claw (press B), in today's equivalent (COD) camping is a no no, but what did we know then ha ha.
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