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The town music (Tristram) for the original Diablo.

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Originally Posted by Coneman View Post
That initial preview frame for McDonald Land looked a bit dodgy to me. Let me say it didn't look like a tent at first glance lol.
haha - now that you've said that, I can see 3 rather rude possibilities!
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My favorite would have to be the theme song from Monkey Island. I actually still get a eargasim when I hear that song. Also the theme songs for the diffrent aliens in Star Control 2 are just fantastic they really give you an impression of each one.
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The intro theme to Turrican II. Chris Hulsbeck was pumping out an incredible amount of good tunes during the Turrican series. I just bought his latest album on iTunes, though, and was so disappointed by how generic it was.
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For me, the video game with the best theme song has got to be Spy Hunter (they used the theme from Peter Gunn). There is just something about a Henry Mancini tune.
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Dragonhammer has posted up some pure spun gold. All of Paul Ruskay's stuff for Homeworld was gold and Frank Klepacki's C&C tunes (someone else posted Hell March) were awesome, too. It's tempting to post up some old Daglish/Hubbard/Galway C64 stuff but instead I'm going to go with an overlooked classic that had amazing music throughout:

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Originally Posted by Bam Stroker View Post
Dragonhammer has posted up some pure spun gold

In a couple of days skyrim will hit the stores the daggerfall series had some great music here is a couple to commemorate them.

these have nothing to do with bethesda but are just here to get you into the rpg mood

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Don't know if it's 'Best Evah' but I found this music terrifically evocative questing around Northrend: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pJHNq...e_gdata_player
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I loved this game in the 90's. It did borrow heavily from a group of movies that might be familiar.....


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I love the theme to Portal.

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