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Retro Gaming and Nostalgia! Where PacMan swallowed his first pill.

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Old 30th November 2011, 11:55 AM   #41 (permalink)
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Old 1st December 2011, 01:25 PM   #42 (permalink)
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Great thread;

Going waaaay back the Delta theme on the C-64 I still love when I hear it today.

Max Payne II, dark, dismal, depressing, sublime.

Something more recent, the Assassin Creed theme song imo is simply beautiful.

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Old 1st December 2011, 07:23 PM   #43 (permalink)
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Monty Mole on C64 I think it was ... god that was hard
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Old 8th December 2011, 08:49 AM   #44 (permalink)
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What springs to mind is the game over (or resurrection) scene from Shadow of The Beast II for Amiga


and "Agnus Dei" used for in Homeworld during the launch of the mothership. When I saw it just now, it felt almost like meeting a long lost friend...

Homeworld Intro Cutscene + Mothership Launch - YouTube

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Old 20th December 2011, 11:49 AM   #45 (permalink)
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Possibly not the catchiest but the Chrono Trigger theme makes me so happy, I can be in the worst mood, flip this on and within 10 minutes I'll be on top of the world.

Chrono Trigger OST- Main Theme ~ Crono's Theme - YouTube

I don't know what it is about the song.
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Old 29th December 2011, 01:29 PM   #46 (permalink)
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I'm kind of surprised no-one has said Bastion yet since it's got an amazing soundtrack.

And many more
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Old 15th January 2012, 02:23 AM   #47 (permalink)
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Soundtracks don't get any better then this

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Old 17th January 2012, 01:05 PM   #48 (permalink)
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I'm going to 2nd Father with the Max Payne 2 Music.

Also going to throw in this oldie

Star Citizen
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Old 25th January 2012, 05:10 AM   #49 (permalink)
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What is wrong with you people, you missed the best 2!!!

My major stand-out game for music is Ascendancy, it has to date the most original score I've ever heard.

These vid cover the 4 main game themes...

And that's not including all of the fab tracks for each individual playable race which were just as brilliant and much more varied/alien.

This composer (Nenad Vugrinec) also scored Wing Commander II, III & Privateer as well as Ultima VII and VIII but I think Ascendancy was his best work.

And who could forget the music of MechWarrior 2. And you people call yourselves Older Gamers. Shame I say, Shame!

Pretty much every track (all 25 of them!) from Mech Warrior 2 was brilliant, but here were my standouts.

Give this one at least 30 seconds.

To this day I still have my original MW2 CD's because of this music.
. . . .

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Old 15th February 2012, 05:39 AM   #50 (permalink)
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I am Playing now the metal gear series HD remake, besides being a game that was way ahead of its time it also has awesome music.

Metal gear solid: guns of the patriots a 4 year old game that still looks and is amazing and is garanteed to give you one of the most memorable gaming experiences ever.
I was a PC gamer at heart and this was the first game i played on a console since then i never looked back
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