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Don't forget the Zelda theme song guys. How can you ever get that out of your head ? It burns itself in your brain.

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A long long time ago before the invention of harddisks,dvd roms and floppy disks in a time where birds still had to walk, we had to load our games from a cassette tape that took 30 minutes to load.
during that time we where presented with a loading screen that sometimes had some kickass music.
We loaded the shittiest games just to hear the music

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Would have to be Secret of Mana on SNES for me. Main theme had a big impact on me as a kid and I still love the entire soundtrack.

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Old 6th March 2012, 09:51 AM   #55 (permalink)
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Donkey Kong Country love? That had a great funky track to it that really went with the style of the game:

Goldeneye also had some great music in it too, probably overshadowed by the game itself!

X-Men vs. Street Fighter had some cranking music too Gamits theme:

DooM had some great hard rock inspired tracks and some people went and did some remixes of them:

Hangarmageddon Evil Horde -"Dark Side of Phobos" Project:

Thumpmonk e1m9:
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IMO, The theme song from Rome: Total War. The version with lyrics from the credits screen. "Forever" by Jeff van Dyck. A good aussie artist - his wife sings the song.

A really lovely song. The chorus is awesome.
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2nd for wizball!
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Oldie that stuck in my head from when i was younger

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One I just realised hadn't been mentioned is a real goodie.

"Best of Times" from World of Goo. In "video game music" circles (yes, for some people this is their entire hobby!) this had been widely acclaimed - and it's in an indie title. Nice orchestrals and choir. Unfortunately the end is a bit of a let-down. So much more the composer could have done from the crescendo. Your taste may vary.

And another fav just for the memories

FF5 SNES opening credits.


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Seconding Wonderboy ... man ... I'd forgotten about the skateboard

Also, possibly breaking the rules of the thread, but LOVE this trailer song from Assassins Creed: Revelations.


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