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Default Visual Pinball

If you are like me a pinball nut then you are going to love this.
There is a program called visual pinball where enthusiasts have recreated every pinball machine you can imagine using the actual software roms like mame emulator
And the best thing about it ,its free

here are some tables

Here are the instructions to get going have fun

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Visual Pinball is great Always a bit clunky trying to keep it working though, the dev(s) have some stupid idea that the binaries somehow expire to force you to get newer versions.

I have it running on my emulator cabinet although to make it play seamlessly without needing a key/mouse etc, I needed to set each 'table' up individually (compared with MAME which just works when you point it at your completely-legit ROM directory). As such, I run about 50 well-simulated tables only, from the complete collection of hundreds.

My favourite VP tables: Fathom (the Scapino one) and Fish Tales.


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Awesome I love pinball, I wonder if they have gorgar ?

Thank you Chiack

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They have gorgar too.
If you want to play a high quality gorgar in HD and real 3d then i can reccomend Williams pinball classics it will be released this week for PS3,xbox,PSP and WII.

I can also recommend Zen pinball and Marvel pinball if you have an PS3 or Pinball FX2 if you have an Xbox.
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You guys should also check out Future Pinball. I have both on my arcade but I think future pinball looks better if you only using one screen.
Check out this site under Future Pinball Released. Steve and Glxb make some awesome tables. GoPinball.com • Index page

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