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Buttersoft 31st October 2013 11:22 PM

Valdis Story - contender for Game of The Year?
Not even sure where to put this thread, so if the mods want to move it, feel free :)

Recently released gem of a metroidvania-style action adventure RPG platformer, $15 and just greenlit on steam. You will not spend a better $15 this year if you've ever liked a platformer.
Valdis Story

I'm about 8 hours in and going absolutely freaking bananas over it. It does everything SoTN and Super Metroid did, but better. Weapons/armour + crafting, a spell system, the ability to call in allies. The first boss fight was one of the most intense encounters i can remember - the first one! There's special moves, super moves, block-breaking, combos that do extra damage and award more exp, limit-break meters, wall jumping, double jumping, a short-range teleport system for use in combat and in timed puzzles, and probably a whole lot more. To top it off, everything *works*. It's fast and action packed, as well as being gorgeous and cartoony and dark, and if i find out you don't go and buy it i'm coming for each of you :)

Wish they could have released BF4 in another two weeks so i could be playing more of this instead of meeting my comp commitments ;)

(It's also really challenging, so _don't_ be afraid to start on the easiest difficulty!)

Thymos 3rd November 2013 01:22 PM

Controller support?

Buttersoft 3rd November 2013 03:51 PM

Yes, full x-pad support, but D-input support is awaiting a patch. Game versions and before (pre-Steam) work fine with Joy2Key or similar though - that's what i'm using now.

The steam version is actually slightly buggy atm, getting framedrops.

Thymos 4th November 2013 02:38 AM

Sorry, forgot to post last night. I picked it up. It does have full Xpad support.

It is a fun game. I chose to play as Wyatt. I played for a few hours and enjoyed myself. Some of the puzzles are very hard, but I found a way around one of them. It was a puzzle that you had to push a button down, then sap the mana stone, then push a button, then sap a mana stone over and over a few times while climbing. I just used the ice pillar power and climbed up the back, jumping over the spikes.

Buttersoft 4th November 2013 11:16 AM

omg i think you just gave me a spoiler. Holy frick you got a long way into the game in one night.

EDIT: i can only get one level up, to the first chest, with that trick. I don't have the double-jump yet... so i'm going to try the puzzle the way it's meant to be done :)

EDIT2 - hah, did it the hard way :) that last door is hard.

Thymos 4th November 2013 02:45 PM

Heh, I avoided spoilers... just found a cheap way to avoid an hour of work. Some of the bosses are REALLY hard, but once you figure them out, you end up defeating them just barely.

Buttersoft 4th November 2013 03:31 PM


Originally Posted by Thymos (Post 3937928)
Some of the bosses are REALLY hard, but once you figure them out, you end up defeating them just barely.

I did mention how hard it was :) And all the bosses are just mean. Then there's all the extra fights, and the mini-bosses... It's such a frickin' great game. The story alone is the best of any platformer i've ever seen, catching you up in the war between the gods, the crumbling city under the sea, the mana heaters to prevent things from freezing over. It just keeps getting better!

(I did a 12-hit combo for the first time today! ;))
(Check that, a 14-hit string after double-cancelling past a healing templar to keep it from turning around and whomping me :D One day i'm going to use block)

Thymos 6th November 2013 12:50 PM

I've used the ice pillar to get around a lot of difficult jump challenges. Seems like the devs forgot to consider it.

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