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Default Arcade Machine

I'm only new to TOG but was just stumbling around and saw this group. I thought I'd put up some photos of an arcade machine I built about 8 years ago. It's had a few updates since.

I brought an empty shell for $100 and pieced the rest together from old parts and ebay.

It now lives in my sons room waiting for him to get old enough to play it. It being Metal Slug 1 to 5.

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awesome mate. I had some good times playing Street Fighter as a kid. It will be a good day when he beats you on this machine!
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KP! Welcome along mate, great to see you on here. I see you've joined the fourm, but have you applied for full membership in the barracks? (Assuming you're 25 of course) There's much more to TOG than what's on public view

On topic - that machine looks awesome, but how does one play SFA2 with only four buttons? Nah, it's srsly cool, and i love the Metal Slugs as well. A mate of mine and i managed to finish MS4 starting out with with 4 credits each, though it took a lot of practice. Do you know where i could get a copy of MS6, btw? Very keen to play it, but can't find it anywhere.

Several TOGgers have built cabinets that i know of. Hanmat's Dragon's Lair machine was srsly impressive (From this post on down).

I'm actually in the middle of a build of my own right now. Not an arcade cab or even a gaming system itself as such, but a piece of hardware. No spoilers, but I'll make sure to post pics when done.

Super Fine Pitch

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haha, sweet. That takes me back. Where i come from, we didn`t really have an arcade center in our small city, but we had like a pool center and they had one arcade game : Mortal kombat. I basically lived there for a while, those were the good times!!!
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I had a cocktail table too - unfortunately it worked perfect and had original internals and game so I couldn't bring my self to mod it. And because it was such a bad game, I never played it, so I sold it.

I've never seen metal slug 6. Might have to do some searching...
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