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Default Arcade Stick Build

Not really sure where to put this, so I'll put it here and link it up...

Housing is 500mm x 190mm x 38mm front height (lower if you take in the knurl) and 50mm at the back, or in other words as slim as I could make it and still fit everything in. Side walls are doubled 16mm polished MDF with internal reinforcing as shown. Face is 3mm galvanised steel plate powdercoated for durability. It's strong enough that I could stand on it. Total weight is 3.5Kg, which is apparently quite light. Most sticks you buy, like the Qanba Q4 for example, weigh about 5.5Kg. Believe me it's heavy enough.

Sanwa OBSF buttons, Sanwa JLF stick tuned with a 1.5lb spring (+50%) and a +0.5mm actuator customised further with electrical tape. The stick now has a fast engage (reduced deadzone) and a small throw past the engage in each direction thanks to the electrical tape.

The stick itself is so damn precise it's unbelievable. I was worried about having to start from scratch skills-wise at first, but in PSP Tekken 6 managed to chain Armour King's Dark Upper (f,n,d,df+2) to get the second as a juggle, so i'm right on track. Will be wavedashing for fun in no time

Photo album here - Plans and materiel - Imgur (click the gear in the top right of each image for high-res)

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Awesome !


My Spec's
My Rig
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that's so cool
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The 3mm galvanised steel I used for the top plate was totally indestructible, but down here in Tassie it sucked the heat right out of my wrists and fingers so badly I couldn't actually use the stick.

I decided to change it for 4.5mm perspex, and swapped the base out as well. Had to increase the rebate by 1.5 mm, which was a pain, but the thermal properties are so much nicer. I've countersunk the USB panel mount, and changed out the joystick switches, and other stuff. I also had some stickers printed to show my colours. I think the result looks pretty cool

I've also learned that the Qanba sticks actually weigh next to nothing, and my stick was extremely heavy. It's now about 2.3kg without all the steel weighing it down, so still heavy, but much nicer than it was.

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Some questions:
How does Valdis Story go with this stick?
Was it a kit?
And if so - where can I order it from?

It looks really good Butters. You've done a nice job. I am jealous

What colour does the letter 7 smell like?

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Valdis Story rocks with anything, but even more with the stick I use it for all platformers and fighters, Tekken in particular. And Shovel Knight too, that's my av to the left <<<

It wasn't a kit, i just drew up some plans for the sizing and cut the MDF. Perspex is surprisingly easy to work with if you're gentle - boring bits go through thin pieces like butter, no pun intended.

I'd recommend a site like Arcade Spare Parts, FocusAttack or Paradise Arcade Shop for the parts. You can use a PS360+ PCB or something like the Zero Delay Encoder, the latter being cheap on ebay and coming with most/all of the cables you'll need for PS3 and PC. You can of course just rip out the guts of any old pad or keyboard and solder away, but for $15 you won't go wrong with the ZD Encoder.

(Actually you can find just about everything you need re parts on ebay for much cheaper, and then later on just swap the knock-off parts for genuine stuff, if you want to. Or you could just buy a complete stick like a Qanba Q4 for about $150-$175)

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