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Default Toohuman (X360)

Hey all,

I am very new to the TOG forums and to start off i want to share something with you all. I am not sure if this will have a lot of an effect but im sure you all wouldn't mind me placing something about a 360 game that i am excited about.

Toohuman, Action/RPG

Based on Norse Metology, this game caught me and some of my friends. Toohuman has been in development for over 10 years, but thats because there were o many BAD reviews.

So Silicon Knights hid away for a long time. Then eventually we saw some information, in 2005 a video was released, yet there were still a lot of bad reviews.

Since then, Silicon knights has faced a lot of their problems and kncocked them off the cliff. One major problem was the gameplay, which i have recently seen from GDC videos and it has improved a lot. There was one point where Silicon knights had to dump a game engine and create there own. UE3 their first engine but, from what they have said it was a dud. It had things "missing". Which eventually made Gears of War, Epic Games. A major win over most games.
Very disapointing for me of course.

Anyway back to Toohuman, the game.

Action/RPG, check.
Norse metology, check.

Okie, well if you would like to look at some videos on gametraliers.com and check out some interviews im sure that you will see what i mean.
I have been hyped about this game for quite some time now and im guessing that i will soon have to wait no more.

Toohuman, has a lot of WoW style gameplay to it and also has a great deal of hack and slash. Giving both type of gamers a great play, which is something that has rarely been seen before. I guess that if this game has more people behind it the better it will be .

If you want to know more check out Toohuman.net it has a lot of information about Toohuman and what its all about.

Hoping you like TOOHUMAN,

Gerofied, Out.
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