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Default Oblivion ..will it run ok?

I have an aging pc...amd 2800+Cpu(2.0Ghz 2800 equiv.)..not the 3.0 ghz recommended and a nvidia 6800XT..also 1.25gb of ram and winXP..I don't mind turning some stuff down but constantly fiddling with settings from scene to scene would drive me bonkers..Any advice on getting it appreciated

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Mate, the only way to really tell is to try. Got a mate with a copy? I used to run it on my old 6800GT with an AMD 3500. It was pretty slow, but I was always trying to get the most out of it at the time. First thing to do is kill the grass! Set it's draw distance to zero, and it will instantly run a lot better. There are many different things you can tweak to ease the load, but you really will be pushing hard to get it running well enough to play.

However, with low resolution set, and all bells and whistles off, it'll run I'm pretty sure.

But, although I never played it, I believe Morrowind is (by some peoples reckoning) a better game than Oblivion, and a lot lighter on your system. Cheaper too

Either way, great games. Best of luck.
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In my PC it didn't run well. maybe I have to change my gear when I want to play such games. I really wanted to play new games but I'm having problems in terms of my PC.
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