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Default Co-op game suggestions please

Hi all,

My ToGer husband and I are looking for suggestions for a co-op PC game we can play. It seems our local stores only have games we can play against each other, or solo. Strat, RPG, or even FPS if it had some plot to it would all be welcome.

We are trying to avoid MMOs because our budget can't afford the monthly payments but would be willing to explore a free one.

Thanks in advance,


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A married couple/friends of mine have been looking for something similar, but haven't had much luck. Diablo II was their last great game for co-op-ing (that a new word? ).

Be interested to see where this thread goes
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Try Guild Wars, it has no monthly fees, we have a very active division here in TOG full of friendly people who will give you plenty of help. There is a thread over in the GW section of the forum for requesting trial keys so you can try before you buy.
If you have Half Life 2 there is a mod called Synergy which adds co-op play, some of the design is a bit patchy but it's still a fun game. There is a similar mod for Doom 3 too.
There are a few Squad based shooters that have co-op too, take a look at Swat 4 and The Rainbow 6 and Ghost Recon series.
Gears of War has a 2 player co-op mode, you can play through the whole game together.
One to keep an eye on is Left 4 Dead from Valve, it's not out yet but it's looking promising, it's a zombie shooting co-op FPS.

There is a huge list of co-op games on Wikipedia here-
Category:Cooperative video games - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
That should give you plenty to go on

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During my research I found this site: Co-Optimus - List of Co-Op Games Across All Platforms

We went out and bought Diablo 2 because I had never played it. I play GW a little bit (Branwen of Bedlam is my main) but hubby has trouble getting in to it.

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Gday Rak long time no see. There is a couple of games floating around atm..
You could try one of the open beta games if you want to go completly cost free.

Requim: Bloodymare is currently open beta... bit of a grindfest later on but would probably be classed as a cyberpunk horror mmo

Mythos might entertain you....its kinda like diablo.....3 if you wish but is online game with most of the usual mmo features.

Anarchy Online is another online game....graphics is dated...but lots of depth to the game... and you can download and play for free as well if you wish

car racing game if that floats your boat... Project Torque free online MMO if you wish your car is your avatar

several more i bet but they are the first to come to mind.


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Good day! I would suggest you try WYDglobal. it's a free MMO which you and your husband could enjoy. Easy to manipulate and has a reasonable number of friendly and helpful players not to mention I am one of them. I can help you if you need something. Well, this is just my suggestion.
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If you can find it Starlancer the prequel to Freelancer is one of the best co-op games I have played. Full single player story but with your friends as wingmen and everyone gets the cut scenes and shit. Was done really well.
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Old 27th May 2008, 12:11 PM   #8 (permalink)
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For Offline, Serious sam.

For online, Hellgate has co-op play online, and is free (though you can do the sub if you like for a couple extra perks).

Quarterly new content is coming in this month too, new near-infinite zones and pvp stuff too.
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If your into Pirates and lets face it who doesn't like puffy shirts, TOG has an active guild in Voyage Century Online, another free to play MMO.
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Old 17th June 2008, 04:35 PM   #10 (permalink)
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nice to here that there's a couple playing games here.....

have you heard of NEOSTEAM?

well, it's a new mmorpg that opens their OBT last may
it's a 3D sci-fi games sets in stam punk universe.

you can choose from 4 major races and and 4 jobs from the start.
it has e major factions, but as of the moment there are only 2 available, the Elerd Kingdom and the Rogwel Republic

it has a great graphics, fast levelling and different transportation

for more info, you visit their site

New Steam Punk MMORPG NeoSteam
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