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Exclamation World in Conflict Free 2 Week Trial

World in Conflict Australian Free 2 Week Trial - AusGamers.com

Massive Entertainment have released a free trial client for World in Conflict, their multiplayer-focused real-time strategy title. Running from today, July 11 until July 22 2008, the trial will allow everyone to jump online and check out the multiplayer portion of the game on the same servers as owners of the retail game

AusGamers Files - World in Conflict Australian Trial Client
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It is really well worth giving a go. The gameplay is unique, and the graphical effects are exceptional.

I played it continually for quite a few months, but in the end found the longetivity lacking due to it large emphisis on winning the matches, and the fact you were so suceptable if the team wasn't working well together. It made the game suffer from a number of problems like unbalances of teams as people tried to continaually stack the sides to ensure wins. You had people switching sides after a round to play with people they didn't know due to a perception that the other side was better, or people only joining a side if it had players of a higher rank and so on.
That lead to people always complaining about the sides being stacked, even if they were not, and also made it hard to play with your friends. TOG only ever had a fairly small presence in WIC, and on the few occasions we were on together it was always disapointing to have people bitching and moaning because you were Clan Stacking on the same side (this complaint would sometimes occur with as little as 2 TOG members on one side out of the max 8 per side).
We do still have the TOG clan setup, and I believe we may still have some officers playing. If anyone does give the game a try, give a should out with your name on the forums here and we can send you an invite.

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